Beyond the World

Some one asked me what I do
I said, ‘I get up, go about my day
As best I can, then retire at night.’

Someone else asked me who I am
I said, ‘I am no thing, the air
The sky and the mountain
I am a whisper on god’s lips
And the morning dew
That delights as the sun rises.’

I said, ’Let us talk of love and beauty
And leave the world behind
We can fly into the unknown realms
And even forget, just for one sweet moment,
That we have these bodies
And we live on this spinning globe
We can forget our senses, our perceptions
Our beliefs, all our doing things
All our strategies and our woes
Our wars and conflicts and problems,
And we can fly off into our star nature
And circle the infinite and eternal universe
Through and beyond time
Into the timelessness of all existence

And then, when we return
We can sit quietly together
And just be.’

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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