Sun and Moon Nature

The sun doesn’t say to the moon
‘Sometimes you are less than perfect
With this emptying and filling up,
Endless pushing and pulling
And so emotional!’

No, the sun just radiates it’s warmth
And shines anyway
Allowing the moon to be itself

The moon doesn’t say to the sun
‘You are always the same, so predictable,
Even when you are hidden behind clouds
You just radiate the same
Wouldn’t you like to be more like me?’

No, the moon knows it is held by the sun
And that co existence is the key

There is a part of us all
That has its moon nature
Governed by the rising and falling
Emotional and sensitive

But it’s only part of the picture

We have sun nature
That radiates presence
That holds everything together
That allows the coming and going
But doesn’t identify with it

There are many who have not discovered
Their sun nature
And remain mercilessly pulled
By the waves of coming and going

Wisdom lies in knowing, and embodying, both.

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay

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