The Path of Wisdom

There is a wisdom inside us
Beyond mind
But, through the relentless closure
Caused by trauma and conditioning,
We don’t have access to it
This wisdom is natural and inclusive
Clear seeing and compassionate
It can guide us and inform us
We might call it love’s intelligence
It has a radically different fragrance
From mind’s rational fear based knowledge

To discover this freedom
There must be a letting go
Of the trauma and conditioning
That blocks the way
It must be surrendered somehow
Abandoned as the prison it is

It takes courage, tenacity and grace
It is a path not a destination
At first it appears impossible
To find this place
And the question is ‘how?’
But if we keep knocking
And keep inquiring
And keep releasing
And stay devoted
With great sincerity
And willingness
Eventually things begin to crack open
And the great ocean of wisdom
That awaits us
Is discovered

Serve this path with all your heart
It is the path of wisdom.

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