The Garden We Never Left

This world is the garden of eden
Our sacred home…
We wrecked it
Trashed it
Raped it
Bulldozed it
Fenced it and built walls
To keep others out
And managed to imprison ourselves

We won’t be satisfied
Until we render the garden
Totally uninhabitable
Then we get to really blame god
For our abandonment

It was no ones fault
It wasn’t woman’s fault
And it wasn’t man’s fault
And it wasn’t god’s fault

We had a momentary lapse of reason
A thought of pride and shame
A fleeting forgetting of our innocence

And we found ourselves here, guilty
Apparently exiled
Banished from eden
And now we wander the earth
Lost and angry
Besieged by fear and anger
Hell bent on destruction

But it’s just a thought and
We could be back in the garden
We never left
In a moment if we choose
It is nobody’s choice but ours
We could reclaim innocence
Look at the garden with fresh eyes
Look at each other with equanimity
And wake up from this dream
All it would take
Is a moment of recollection
A flash of realization
A desire to be true
A return to love.

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