Surrender To Love

I surrendered to love
And I became myself

But don’t imagine that surrender was easy
For it was an unconditional surrender
It demanded all that was false in me
All that was righteous and arrogant
All that was deceptive and manipulative
All that was hiding behind defenses built to keep danger out
And all strategies for survival of this ego self

This love I speak so much about
Is powerful and total
It’s not the new age kind of love so popular now
It can be ruthless and radical
Its ‘no’ is as big as its ‘yes’
It wants all of you, or you may as well not bother

I gave myself to that love
It showed up unexpectedly
And when I really saw love’s power
I realized it was showing up everywhere
In everyones life
There it is now, friend, can you see it?
It is all around you, in every encounter
And in every resistant thought
Behind everything is love’s invitation

I surrendered all I was to that love
And I became myself, naked and free and real
Before that I was a shadow of me
A possibility, a potential, a game player
Now that is all gone
And there are no more shadows.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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