A Simple Choice, A Lasting Fragrance

No one is better equipped
Or has greater knowledge or power
Than you
To express love or truth
Don’t underestimate yourself

What you give to the world
Can never be erased
It is left as a fragrance
That others may catch
Upon the wind

So we get to choose
What fragrance we leave
Is it love or is it fear
Anger or resentment
Can we become whole
And live as wholeness
And healed-ness
And leave that as a fragrance
For surely we are all
Standing on the shoulders
Of those who came before us
And we are drawn to
Certain fragrances

We must choose wisely
This has nothing to do
With awakening or not
It is a simple choice
Each human being can make
And every saint, sinner and despot
Makes their choice

– Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

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