Return To Love’s Simplicity

How does anyone survive without love
What terrible state must they be in
Bereft, separated, angry, abandoned, alone
We who are born to know love
Walk the earth disconnected from it
It is no wonder we fight amongst ourselves
And search in form, in money, in fame
Searching endlessly for what it is we lack
But our inflatable ego has got the reins
And hijacked the search
And now dictates the terms of our freedom
And demeans love, relegates it and cheapens it
Our righteous ego drives the collective bus
And we head inexorably to the wall
We are a car crash in motion
With collective ego gleefully and righteously
Emboldened and ignorantly
Clutching the wheel
Oh! foolish humanity
Born to know love’s simplicity
Lost in the complexity of ego
Ignorant of the wisdom of the heart
I can only hope that from the wreckage
We will remember what is important
And return to love’s simplicity.

Image by Michael Treu from Pixabay

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