Into The Unknown

On the surface, amidst the waves,
It might feel like you are all alone
Having to do it all by yourself
Best described as struggling
Oh! what a stress that is

But the deeper you go
Into the mystery of existence
Down into the subtle realms
The more you discover
An invisible hand that guides you

There are levels of intelligence
The egoic mind has no awareness of
A river of grace that runs through everything
Letting go of our steely grip on life
Allows us to fall into that slipstream
And once tasted never forgotten

And it is that deeper intelligence
We begin to listen to and serve

Don’t be deceived by appearance
This life is an illusion, a mirror
Of what we believe and what we expect to see
Dive into the unknown
And learn to expect nothing
And in that openness
New possibilities emerge.

Image by PDPhotos from Pixabay

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