Time To Get Your Shit Together

There, I said it,
And even though some will reject it
Some may hear this simple phrase
As coming at the right time
I speak to those
Who are ready to bring an intensity
An earnestness, a devotion,
Yes even an urgency
To their search and discovery
Spiritual emergence is not just a passive
Acceptance of whatever comes
It is that but something else also
A steadfast determination
To tear down the walls of falseness
And to break open
The hard shell of phony protection
That requires vigilance and attendance
Presence and resolve
If there is any resolution to be made
Let it be the resolution
To emerge from any dreaming
From the imagination
From fear and old conditioning
From the tyranny of mind
To let the old go
And become the depth itself
The love and the kindness
And the power that comes with it.

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

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