Spirituality is All In

I’ve seen it in many people
They want to let go
But they are still holding on
They want freedom
But they don’t want to burn
In the fire that freedom demands
They want the cake
They think they want to eat it
But they don’t want to slice it
So the cake sits there
And they look at it
And wonder why they are still hungry

You can’t do transformation from a distance
Once the door is open, and you opened it
Because you wanted something different,
Something more, something more real,
It cannot be closed without living in a kind of limbo

Trying to keep warm
But not wanting to get too close
To the fire

You can’t have it both ways
Spiritual freedom
Human freedom
Call it by whatever name
Is not a half hearted path
It’s all in
Every card on the table
The gamblers nightmare

But don’t worry
It sounds high drama
And that you will lose everything
But all you lose
Is what’s not real
And what you gain
Is some true peace
And equanimity.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

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