Conscious Kindness

There is a power in kindness
An overlooked and disregarded power
The power to open up parts of ourselves
Neglected and cast out over the years

Kindness, tenderness and openness,
You can’t embrace these deep qualities
Without them having an impact on your life
And on those around you

As John O,Donohue said,
To be created and come to birth is to be blessed.
Some primal kindness chose us and brought us
through the forest of dreaming until we could emerge
into the clearance of individuality,
with a path of life opening before us through the world.”

Kindness to ourselves connects us
To our innocence
And to the innocence of all life
It precedes all the hardness we learn
All the survival strategies
And defensive layers we must build
Just to be here

And the path of conscious kindness
Opens the door to a place
We may not have been for many many years
But kindness does not happen by accident
It is a choice, a choice made over and over,
A choice made even when the righteous ego screams
A choice made even when the victim voice says no
A choice made even when the world tells you, you are wrong
A choice, a path, a new relationship
A path itself walked with kindness, nothing harsh remaining
Until kindness becomes blood and bones, every fibre of being.

Image by jools_sh from Pixabay

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