The Search for the Real

The more you unstick yourself
From what we might call the matrix
That is, the more you see the glue of conditioning,
And how self perpetuating it is
And how deeply we get stuck in it
And then seek to uphold it
Often at any cost
As though it were all utterly real

The more it both horrifies you
And intrigues you

Because you start to see the false construct
And the movie called society
And if that is not real
What is?

And that begins a voyage
That lasts the rest of your life
The search for the real
In the midst of the unreal

Oh! what a wondrous journey is this
That takes us high and low
That strips us away to what we truly are
That calls us to meet ourselves
Deeper and ever deeper
That invites us to embrace
Every unloved part of ourselves
Until we arrive
At the place we never really left
What irony is this.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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