The World is Your True Lover

There is only one relationship happening
One intimate dance throughout our brief stay
Beyond all the coming and going
Of individual players

Our love affair with existence itself
That ongoing push pull between us and the world
We hate it, we love it, we project onto it
We feel rejected by it, misunderstood by it,
We may even leave it
It’s as though our life was our beloved
And we can’t see that, so bedazzled are we
By the details

It’s easy to be confused by life
We seem to suddenly appear, open and vulnerable,
And, within the space of a few short years,
We are told the story of the world
And who to be, name and identity handed to us,
And we live in that way until we exit,
None the wiser, maybe a good player,
But not wise or knowing

Maybe the world itself is your true lover
And everyone who arrives
Are actors and mirrors,
Representatives of the divine
Sent from beyond
To tease us, to test us, to beg us
To challenge us

Because if the world is your true lover
Then the only way is love
And we must love the world
No matter what
No matter how it appears
No matter how broken or beaten
No matter how distressed or angry
To do this is to allow everything to come home.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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