Face Yourself

Don’t hide any longer
Face it, whatever it is
Whatever has been un-faced,
Avoided, swept under the rug
It’s there anyway, inside
Nagging away
Trying to get attention
Face it, not with hostility
Or with resentment or resignation
But with openness
With an open mind
And an open heart
Be open to facing, hearing,
Feeling, letting it in

Let it all in
And, by being open and not
Trying to solve it or fight it
It more easily flows through
Into love

Give it freedom
Give yourself the freedom
You deserve
Only you can do that
No one can give it to you
And that freedom
Is the freedom
To face it all
Whatever has been hidden
Denied, explained, locked away
Whatever is still unexplored

You are built to voyage
And the inner journey
Is the most arduous one
But there are strengths unknown
Within each of us
And only when we meet ourselves
Do we really find out who we are
And what we are capable of

Face it.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

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