Surrender the Resister

All this fighting with our experience
Struggling, wrestling, trying to dominate it
Deciding it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be like this
Is exhausting
And futile

By the time experience is happening
It’s too late to argue with it
Because it’s happening

Better to take the time
To find out who or what is resisting
And what it might be like
To surrender the resister

The resister goes from thing to thing
Deciding what’s right or wrong
What’s allowed and not allowed
The resister is the arbiter of our reality
Making decisions about the world
About our experience
And what should be or shouldn’t be

Oh! the resister
The one who runs the show
But who are they?

Without investigation
They are the hidden tyrant of our lives
Developed over countless years
Through hardship, difficulty,
And aggrandizement
The resister is the one we must meet
In the open field of love

They will fight, scream, justify
Freak you out and threaten
The end of your world

Still you must surrender the resister
It will be your liberation

(I don’t mind what happens – Krishnamurti)

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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