Love Is Your True State of Being

Some think of love
As something personal
That is given and taken
In transactional relationship

My experience of love
Is that it is a field of consciousness
The ground of our being
The natural state

And that we imagine ourselves
To be separate entities

We become filled with desires, fears
And a life of conditioning
And forget all about
Our natural state

We touch it when we love
We taste it when we merge with another
We seek it in our spirituality
We love things we like
And want more of them

But a love that comes and goes
Is dependent on others or things
Is not it
You have to go deeper than that
You have to go to the roots
To where the human meets the divine
To where the human becomes the divine

And there it is
Love as openness
Love as pure consciousness
Love as oneness
Not subject to the rules of duality

And when that is discovered
And lived from
The world stops pulling you
Into its incessant argument

It is the end of the argument.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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