Love Changes You

Love changes you
If it doesn’t change you
It’s not the deepest love

Truth changes you
If it doesn’t change you
It’s not the deepest truth

Neither of these are of the mind
They are not beliefs
They are not fleeting emotions
Or things that come and go

When you are hit by love’s truth
Or you are met with truth’s love
It changes you
It does something deep to you
It transforms you, slowly or rapidly
It changes your story
It gets into your body, your bones,
It filters into your blood, brain and heart
It shows up in relationships
And in your work

It won’t go away
It calls you, in the depth of night
It doesn’t wait until things are good
It calls you when you are in pain
Or even in conflict

Love changes you
Unless you fight with it
And then you are caught, stuck
In a kind of limbo

I say, give yourself fully
To the change
Fighting it is a fruitless exercise
For love will have the last word anyway
At the moment of your departure
It will say, ‘I was calling you all the time.’

Let it change you now
And let it keep on changing you
An ever deepening journey
Into the mystery.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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