Reclaim Your True Self

How much of yourself
Have you given away so far
How much has been stolen
With or without your permission
How much authority
Has leaked away over the years
How much innocence
And natural gut wisdom
Has been compromised

Some folks leak their whole lives
Never able to repair the cracks
Not willing to revisit pain and anger
So there they stay, trapped,
Depressed, resentful, sad

But there is a way to restore ourselves
Though the path may be arduous
It is interspersed with great epiphany
Though it may be painful
Revisiting old wounds
It is joyous to discover oneself again
It is like waking up from a slumber

Of course there is the sorrow
That comes with seeing all the wounded places
But better the sorrow that comes with joy
Than the sorrow that comes without

Reclaim yourself
Reclaim the inner you
Reclaim innocence and joy
Reclaim true authority
And give no more away
Either to your imagination
Or to other people
This is the calling
It’s not spiritual
It’s human.

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

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