The Inner Journey

Those who do not know themselves
Are destined to walk the earth
Searching for external power
Filling their emptiness with stuff
Desperate for meaning

While those who know themselves
Live in a different world
A world on inner harmony
And external compassion

Knowing yourself
And loving yourself
Is the greatest liberation
And the greatest gift
That can be given to others

There are two worlds in this one
And in these days of fear and manipulation
It is imperative, if we are to live a valuable life,
To explore our inner world
And come to a deeper knowing
Either that or become a pawn, a robot,
A slave or a chess piece in someone else’s game

Go inside, deeper and ever deeper inside
Meet all strangers and all darkness
Without defense, without stories,
Even though it will hurt and bring fear
Still, keep going through this dark forest,
With the resolve of a humble warrior
If you fail, get up and keep on going,
By and by something changes
And you begin to understand something deeper
About who you are
And the many doors of freedom begin to open.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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