A Mirror of the Eternal

Great plans are made by us
And changed by God
We rail and scream and shout
But eventually we surrender
It’s not cruel, although it feels that way,
It’s a mystery we don’t understand
And, like all things out of our control,
We are terrified

We struggle with our existence
Terrified of our mortality
Terrified it means nothing
So we foist meaning onto everything
In the hope some of it sticks

But life confounds our plans
And casts our meaning aside

Whatever intelligence brought us here
Weaves patterns across time
A tapestry in eternity
Of which we are a tiny, but beautiful, blip
We are significant because
We are a reflection, an imprint
Of the tapestry
A mirror of eternity
Beyond anything we can imagine
This realization is shattering.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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