We Are Vast Stories

Inside us are myths and fairy stories
Archetypes, tales of great perseverance,
Terrible failures and incredible victories
We are made of tragedy and beauty
The history of humanity
Is etched in our DNA
We carry it all deep in our bones

Inside you, my friend,
A great adventure is playing out
Forces of good and evil
Right and wrong
Heroes and villains
The course of history itself
Playing out in you
In your daily world
In your struggle,
Your relationships
Your creativity
Your worry about survival
Your joy in finding love
But you don’t see it
It’s easy to miss
Being consumed by our world

Remember this vastness and depth
Look inside yourself
You are a book, a tale, a myth
A tragedy and a fairy story
All this in each of us
Don’t dumb yourself down
Or play small
When there is something incredible happening
In your whole being.

Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

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