On Our Knees We Grieve

I don’t want to offer you
False hope
Or magical thinking
I am not a ‘lets send prayers’
Kind of guy

I want to invite you
Into the deepest experience
To see clearly
How far we have fallen
Into an existential mire
And how only
A revolution of consciousness
And an evolution of relationship
With ourselves, each other
And all life on earth
Will fundamentally change things

This is not a band aid time
This is us laid bare
We get to see our good
And our bad
Our attention and our avoidance
We have set up fantastic systems
That are in danger
Of consuming our very souls
We neglect the earth beneath our feet
And our own emotional wounds
Little realizing they are connected

I don’t believe in false hope
I have discovered the only way
To transform is to embrace
And to embrace
We must be on our knees
Not in prayer but in humility

Today I sit,
Head hung down,
Tears falling
Heart heavy
Feeling the weight
Of the human experience
No medicine to cure it
No trying to avoid it
Just the pain of this grief
That comes with acceptance

I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you.

7 thoughts on “On Our Knees We Grieve

  1. Kavi, you just keep writing these beautful mini heartfelt masterpieces with huge meaning! Just so lovely! Congratulations on expressing your truths, and sharing your messages with the world! So Memorable.☀️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Kavi, I’m doing very well in my neck of the woods.My whole community are well. No one in our county has gotten ill. Very calm, no panic or manic shopping! Always stocked up when living in the mountains! I’m a pioneer woman by nature, a tough cookie! I’m not one bit surprised that you and your lovely Amoda are unstoppable in the love you share!! Such a beautiful bond!! 😀 Dreams most certainly can come true! Take very good care! And may the Lord watch over you always as you continue on in the miracle of living!! Love and light to you both! ☀️


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