Face the Storm Together

As another weary day
Of our new world
Draws to a close
A day of madness
And fear

It is important to remember
There has also been kindness
Courtesy, respect and humility
People have cared for each other
Listened to and loved each other
The human heart is still as strong
As it was the day before this global drama

It could be stronger by the time its over
We must not forget our goodness
Even in our insecurity and doubt
Even on this captainless ship
Sailing in the dark

We must keep on remembering
Our presence, our connectedness
And not let them dissolve under any weight

I wish you well, wherever you are
I wish you peace in your heart
I wish you wellbeing in your body
I wish you calmness in your mind
We are brothers and sisters
Caught in a storm we did not create
But we must not fight each other
Imagining the ship is sinking
We must hold each other close
And face the storm together.

Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

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