Allow Your Heart To Open

Just for the next few hours
Don’t talk about how worried you are
Or how bad things might be
Don’t even think about the future
What might or might not happen

Instead, just for a while,
Consider how deeply you can go
How far down inside you can fall
Contemplate on how open you can be
How vast your heart can become

There are treasures here and now
Even amidst the difficulty
But to discover these riches
We have to turn away from the noise
Turn off the endless fear parade
Whether in our own mind
Or in the world we experience

Don’t worry, it will all be there
If you decide to return

But for now, allow your heart
To be the openness it longs for
Now is the time to pour yourself
Into that inner chamber

There has never been a better time to love
Let nothing hold you back.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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