Together in the Mystery

There is no normal
There never really was
Except in our imagination
And in our hoping
But we are always at the mercy
Of things we cannot control

Whatever catastrophe this is
However this has come about
Whatever administrative idiocy or negligence
Has given rise to this

We are now here, in the mystery, together
Some trying to get by
Some tragically sinking
Some even thriving
Keeping it together

We get to feel our true feelings
Like some scene from groundhog day
We get to understand
Our ups and downs
Our avoidances
Our projections
Our fears and hopes
We get to look at our dreams
Our relationships
We may even have a life review
We may over eat, or over drink
We may fall into anger or resentment
Or dive into the murky world
Down the rabbit hole of conspiracy

But still here we are
Together in the mystery
Each of us, day in day out
Faced with ourselves
And how to be with life
Not the life of our imaginations
But this life, today
Here and now
For this is going to be our template
Going on from here

Me, I’m choosing love’s openness
Being transparent and clear as a crystal
I have found this to be the only way
To thrive in this world
Be well fellow travelers.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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