No Transformation Without the Heart

There can be no transformation
Without the heart becoming involved
There are defensive structures
We have unconsciously built
Around our innocence and vulnerability
At one time necessary for our survival
They have become part of our life
And we are often ruled by these defenses

If the path of transformation calls us
It may well, at first, engage the mind
(Although secretly it is the heart driving us)
But if we stay on the level of the mind
Nothing much changes apart from understanding

Thus at some point that heart,
That which lies behind the defended wall,
Must become involved
This is when things get juicy
And painful, and sometimes wild
And often scary

Some of our lost innocence must be rediscovered
And we could do with a little vulnerability
Worn with grace and nobility
There is no weakness in this
In fact it is our great strength.

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

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