Deep inside each of us
We have super powers
Powers of intuition
And precognition
The power to see things
Beyond mind’s apparent capacity
We are gifted by mysterious skills
That confound the rational
And appear to play no part in our survival

Thus over centuries of our domestication
And our need to conform
These powers have all but disappeared
They are not taught and they are not recognized
In fact they are diminished if ever they surface

But they are still there
And they can be awakened
Through practice and through deepening
They can be fostered by falling below the surface
Through developing a deeper trust in life
Through silence and listening intimately
In the emptiness

All you need to do is get real quiet
And feel, deeply and silently
In that emptiness is all you need
Everything is there to be felt, or heard with the inner ear

I know it sounds strange but we have powers
Way beyond our current understanding
Though we cannot discover them
When we are lost in all the noise in our mind.

Image by pladicon2012acacias from Pixabay

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