Love’s Call Home

When did you stop loving yourself
When did you get the idea
There was something wrong with you
Maybe you didn’t notice
You just slowly moved away from wholeness
And started looking at yourself from some critical place
And judging

It all happened when you became someone
But you became who you had to
If you hadn’t become who you are
You would have become someone else
We have to become someone

But no, all these years later
There are parts you don’t like
Or parts that hurt
And you judge them, or you judge others

What’s the easiest way to solve that?
Start loving yourself again
Move back to the wholeness you are and always were
Love it all, the wounds, the pain, the sorrow,
Love the rejection, the victim, the righteous one
Just stop fighting with yourself

Eventually love’s call will soften all hard edges
And inner harmony will return
You could call this self forgiveness
Forgiving the self that imagines it is separate
This is your call to wholeness.

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