I May Be Leaving WordPress – What Do You Think?

I am not quite sure yet as I have been very fond of WordPress over the years, and I appreciate everyone who likes and has liked my poetry.

But I am considering leaving WordPress and consolidating my focus and outpouring on substack.

I already have a presence there, and it works very well for me. I like the style and simplicity very much, and I cannot go on spreading myself out too thin and doubling up where I post. I am less and less on facebook as I actually dislike it intensely and they control who sees what poems depending on how much I pay, and I refuse to play that game. There is, as yet, no money in this poetry at all. I do it because I do it and it works and people get something from it. That’s it.

If I could be rewarded for what I do that would be wonderful, but I have tried Patreon in the past as a musician and it didn’t work. There is an option to be supported on substack but I’m not really looking to that…as yet (maybe in the future who knows, but I will always do most of my stuff for free).

So, I want to know what you think about all this, both for me and for you and generally. Do you have any thoughts? Feel free to tell me, or tell everyone, what you reckon?

Thanks for reading, and DO feel free to sign up and join me on substack.

5 thoughts on “I May Be Leaving WordPress – What Do You Think?

  1. I feel you on FB, I closed my account too in tbe beginning of the year. I’m right with you on not spreading ourselves too thin, concentrated quality is my focus. I stick to here and Instagram and yes, not for the money at all. Again, quality over quantity. Personally, I just discovered you so I will miss your posts and POV. As artists we must travel where we feel inspired, if that is away from WordPress then i say best wishes to you. I will look into ssubstack, I have never heard of it but I’m not too tech savvy lol😊

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  2. I am leaving WordPress (WP) after 15-years of placing several blogs there; some the free offering and three paying the basic personal plan fee to assist the cause. The new Gutenberg editor fiasco is driving me away. There is a plug-in that supposedly allows using the earlier user-friendly editor but one needs the costly (costly to me a disabled veteran on a tight budget) business plan to install the plug-in.

    Perhaps this is the WP plan to drive out the riff-raff and cater to the moneyed cohort. If so, that is their right to do so.

    Adios WP. It was great while it lasted. So sad you are spitting upon the common folks.

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