Heart Holding it All

You are an exquisite being of light
Consciousness manifested as form
Squeezed into matter
The eternal AND a five sense feeler
You are the vast and the limited
The unconditional and the conditioned

Don’t sacrifice one for the other
Don’t fight with your own self
Neither turn your back on your humanness

You must find a way
To be in the world
But not of the world

Feet in the soil
Head in the universe
Heart holding it all together.

Image by Norbert Pietsch from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Heart Holding it All

      1. Often I return to your beautiful and heartfelt writing that reminds me that I am not alone in a comfort zone which resides in everyone.The fires have been devastating for many people, wildlife and pets. Here, we are all on pins and needles. Our beloved forest is very dry! High temperatures have us preparing to evacuate when told. Cooler days have arrived. So much going on in the precious gift of life, may we all have patience and compassion for one another. Sing Loudly Kavi!🙂☀️

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