Be Generous With Yourself

There are some, for reasons we may not know or understand,
Who have become miserly with themselves
And miserly with their love
Miserly with their energy
Yet very generous with their judgment

Yet there are also some who, despite great hardship,
Or maybe because of it,
Have become profoundly generous with themselves
Generous with their love
Generous with their energy
And equanimous with their judgment

The same wounds can lead down one road
Or down another
And we each get to choose whether to be
Miserly or generous
Both roads are tough
But the miserly road causes personal suffering
And suffering to the world

We are in those times
When it may be easy to be miserly
Through no fault of our own
But to choose to be generous
Will bring love and beauty
To self and the world

If in doubt, choose generosity.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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