Some call this journey awakening
I don’t
I call it the deepening
I prefer the metaphor and the imagery of deepening
It speaks to something inside us that is hungry for the light
It calls to the soul, the heart and our longing

Everyone knows that the word deepening presupposes
That we will have to meet shadows and wounds
So it comes with a warrior’s challenge

Deepening, there is no escape, no avoidance
Of course it is scary, terrifying even
But that’s the nature of deepening
To meet ourselves and life so fully
So transparently, so tenderly,
That something transforms
From the deepest outwards.

– Image by Darren Lawrence from Pixabay See Less

One thought on “THE DEEPENING

  1. yes, “awakening” implied (to me) for a long time, that a new reality was born that left the old reality behind….the one that was not working. “Let it Go” was the keyword. Forget it. Move on. Become the loving light that you truly are. Well, I mean, there is an element of truth in all that, but as you suggest, it does not involve the casting away of the dark and unformulated parts of our awareness and experience, but in embracing them and finding a place for them at our table which becomes large enough to hold them all. Accountability for and acceptance of these dark aspects is critical to allow a re-membering of our broken identity, and paradoxically enough, what it takes for us to become vehicles and voices of the light. We cannot afford to “forget” those dark aspects, lest they creep away from our table and begin to howl at us from their dark abode….the light fades, and we wonder what happened. Re-membering can be a life-long journey in and of itself.
    I recently read something that resonated with me….the writer said something similar to “They call it PTSD, but it really should just be called TSD, as there is nothing “post” about it. It never goes away.” The idea here was that we cannot erase our past, but we can learn to accept it, learn from it, manage it….and accountably integrate it…lest we forget, and it comes back to haunt us. Oh, I could go on forever here with this, but I really just wanted to tell you that your writing resonates with me, and I am thankful for these posts. Thank you.

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