You dip a toe into the stream
But the river spirit
Grabs your leg and pulls you in
‘Help I’m drowning!’ You scream
‘I wanna to go back where it’s safe,
I’m out of control,’ You howl
The river spirit says, ‘Don’t worry,
I’m taking you somewhere beyond
Your imagination.’

This struggle goes on for some time
This push and pull as the river winds its way
Sometimes gently, sometimes ferociously

By and by you forget the time
You sat on the river bank
Dipping your toe
For you have been changed by that river
Hard edges softened
Fear of drowning gone
All anxiety about control vanished
Past itself little more than a shadow

And you arrive at the ocean
Where the river deposits you
But, instead of being shocked at the vastness
You simply melt into it
With sweet relief
And delicious gratitude.

Image by Alex Hu from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “THE RIVER SPIRIT

  1. Meher Baba is quoted as saying “Truth can be realized only by transcending the entire realm of imagination”. I did not understand this, but somehow I knew it was true. I valued my imagination, and how could it not be a vehicle for “truth”? When I read your words “The river spirit says, ‘Don’t worry,
    I’m taking you somewhere beyond
    Your imagination”, something clicked. The metaphor of river itself is itself dualistically imaginative,,a “vehicle” that can carry us away to something beyond itself, an ocean where we all disappear into the essence….and this imaginative vehicle river, delivers us to “Truth”.
    Meher Baba was not saying that imagination is bad or wrong, but it simply is not the end destination. I get it.
    Thank you.

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