My Name Is Kavi, It Means Poet.

I have been heading towards poetry
All my life
I just didn’t realize it
Then one day many years ago
In a retreat in Germany
A divine teacher announced that
She would not call me
By my old name any longer
She went home and slept
And returned with a name
She said ‘You are Kavi,’
I resisted this name for a few years
And eventually I surrendered
And in that surrendering
I embraced myself fully
And slowly I became myself
Kavi is Sanskrit for Poet

I owe a debt to those who saw me
Who saw something in me I could not see
And I am grateful they guided me
To become who I am
I am Kavi, a poet, a lover
A fool, a singer, a musician.

Kavi – (from a root kū “to cry out”) is a Sanskrit term for thinker, intelligent man, man of understanding, leader; a wise man, sage, seer, prophet; a singer, bard, poet. Also related root is Avestan kavi (or kauui) “king” and also “poet-sacrificer” or “poet-priest”.

From https://sanskritstudies.org/kavi-vision-vibration-light

In classical Sanskrit, the word “kavi” generally translates as poet.

However, during the Vedik period, kavi held a more mystical significance. In the Vedas, a kavi is referred to as the seer of vibration and light.

Seeing Vibration

What does it mean to see vibration? Students interested in learning about yoga begin their journey hearing this statement: Although you have a body and a mind, you are not just the body and mind. This is a healthy first step in Self-discovery.

However, living from an integrated understanding of this teaching is an entirely different story. A kavi is one who has perfected his/her inner vision. He/she has the ability to listen to the realm beyond manifestation. In other words, the kavi feels the living experience of being beyond body and mind. For the kavi the teaching is not an idea, nor is it an intellectual concept. The kavi has a body and a mind, but no longer identifies him/herself with the body and mind. He/she moves about throughout the day like an ordinary being, but he/she sees the day and his/her own experiences within it very differently. Through years of sadhana, yogic practice, the kavi cultivates contact with his/her inner wisdom and the devas, the cosmic forces. All of his/her actions are connected with these two.

NEW CURRENT SITUATION: 2022…Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on a Green Card. With our little boy Peyote, picture below.



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copyright@2016 Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

Peyote and me.
Santa Fe.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve nominated you for the bloggers Liebster Award as I really enjoy your blog. I hope you don’t mind. You will find the details on the Liebster Award post on my site if you want to participate. Mairi

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      1. No pressure at all. I wasn’t going to do it, but I quite enjoyed it in the end. It helped to clear my head about why I’m even doing any of this. I didn’t follow the rules though. I’m not fond of rules. 😊 Take care. Mairi x

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  2. OK Mairi I am going to do it! I have thrown away my reluctance and decided a new strategy of willingness and enthusiasm is the best way forward! So i thank you and will endeavour to get into it this weekend…You will see the results.. I have a question though, did you put the award on a blog post? Or just on a certain place on your site?
    im not sure which is the best…Anyway, I am in…x
    And thanks for the invite xx

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  3. Hi Kavi. I just put it all in a post, but I think a post with a link to a page may have been tidier on my site. Like you, I did feel a sense of unease about it, but once I decided to do it I just embraced it. I really enjoy and connect to your posts , which is why I nominated you. Feel free to contact me via the contact form on my site if you have any more questions. I had been planning to wind my site down when I got nominated, which was weird…. Synchronicity! I’m still here. Mairi xx

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