The Dancing Ground of the Sun Whispers Our Name

I can feel you Santa Fe
I can feel you in my bones and blood
Under my skin and in my heart
We travelers, mystics and adventurers
We two humble lovers
Following the mystery
Wherever it may lead us
Led by grace
And a warrior-like dedication
To love
We hear you calling

When we first set foot in you
We were enchanted
Something within us both relaxed into joy
Felt held and nurtured
Aligned and true
And the pull of home

Yes, our bodies come from England
But our souls, our hearts and our longing
Come from the vastness itself
From something deep within that is still alive
Still excited about love’s sweetness
Still on fire with prometheus vision
With an urgency to set others alight
With love’s passionate call

We see you, and we feel you
And we can hear you whispering
‘Come, come, come.’
And we are coming.


Yes, we are moving to Santa Fe after over two years here in Sausalito, California. We will miss it here but we cannot stay forever and we are called by a bigger vision to share Amoda’s teaching
We fell in love with Santa Fe and New Mexico, and we met some wonderful people there and so it is written that the next phase of our journey is to head there. How, we don’t know, to what, we don’t know. But Amoda and I are used to living in the unknown. We shall see what unfolds. Watch this space.

I Met Myself

I met my younger self on the road
He looked at me with suspicion
I looked back with love
He said he was angry
I told him it will pass
He said ‘I hate the world.’
I showed him there is no world outside him
He dragged a bag around filled with stuff
I told him he wouldn’t need it for long
He asked me, ‘What am I going to do?’
I said, ‘Trust.’
‘Trust what?’

We talked for a long time
I showed him what he had become
How he let go of his grievances
How his wounds turned to gifts
And his confusion turned to clarity
How joyous and forgiving he had become
And how all the pain turned to grace

He had no idea who I was
But his eyes sparkled with teary emotion
When our encounter came to an end

We hugged and drifted back to our journeys
swear I saw a skip in his step as he disappeared
Into the distance.

The Majestic Invisible World Inside This One

I learned about the invisible world
From a wild Celtic shaman I worked with
For some years
A long time ago
He taught me many things
But one of them
Was how to talk to
What we can’t see
How to court beauty
How to move between worlds
He tore open the fabric of reality
Through ceremony, prayer, sweat lodge
Poetry and story telling
We lived in a hidden valley in deepest Wales
At night we all gathered around the fire
In the roundhouse
And listened to tales of old Ireland
When life was magical and mysterious
When warriors stood for something
Before everything became small and ordinary
We played music, sometimes wild and chaotic
And sometimes wistful and heart breaking

I learned about true power from him
I sought power in caves and waterfalls
On the top of mountains, spending nights alone
With just the elementals for company
I cried, raged, fumed and threw myself away
I found what was broken and false
I found what was hiding from the world
And I threw that part to the invisible wolves

I learned rituals, not pious or sanctimonious ones
But true prayer from the innermost
I spoke to the invisible ones
Regardless of whether I believed in them or not
I have seen things, felt things, known things
That defy ordinary consciousness

And I know that life is ten thousand times
More mysterious than we can comprehend
We live in a superficial reality
And underneath and inside it
Is a gold mine
A vast swirling majestic world
Inside each of us
It is the true world, the real world
And that is why I became this poet, this musician
This opener of doors
To show others the window
To their own soul.

Tear Down The Imaginary Walls

Don’t build a wall around yourself
Like everyone else
Imagining it as a defense
Against a hostile world
The true effect of such action
Is to imprison you
To lock in your tenderness
Beauty and vulnerability
Without those
Life will never be be full and sweet
The light will dim
And you will live in a kind of twilight
Of pretense

Tear down all the walls
Brick by brick
Be vulnerable and tender
Court your inner beauty
Grace and wonder
Love yourself
No matter what
Refuse to be defined
Or limited

Throw open the doors
And fly into the world
As your radiant self
No matter who you are
Or how broken you are.

The Real Warriors Are Those Who Keep Beauty Alive

This love I speak
The beauty and compassion
All this tenderness
Does not mean my life
Is perfect
And problem free
It doesn’t mean life
Is easy or effortless
Oh no
Life is life
Always there are things
Difficulties, issues
Challenges and unexpected troubles
The world of form is troublesome
By its very nature

It takes a certain courage
And daring
To always turn towards tenderness
To consciously choose love and beauty

But I have seen the face of darkness
I seen where hatred leads
And the prison of righteousness
I know my responsibility
To not add one more drop of suffering
To a world of suffering
To not add one more bolt of thunderous fury
To a world of hatred and fear
I will not do it

I will turn, again and again,
To beauty, to love, to compassion
For without those we are nothing
Without those the human experiment
Has failed

The real warriors are those
Who keep beauty alive.


untethered and free

no-one ever quite forgets
their wild nature
it drives their desire for beauty
creativity or search for freedom

because we are still carrying
our ancestors in our blood and bones
even as we sit
in our suits and ties
and discuss important matters

and don’t imagine that you have to
be crazy or run amok
to remember your wild nature
it is much more subtle than that

that wildness is in your heart and soul
all you have to do is touch it and taste it
because it is not really dead
until you are

let the wild one out
just a little at first
don’t try and paint a portrait
throw the paint all over the canvas
wear your wildest clothes for a day
speak only love poetry
dance to the silence
jump in that freezing stream
climb the mountain
and speak to god about your life

or simply sit
and go deep inside
find your inner flame
and smile
allow the chains of servitude
to fall gently away
feel the wild and beautiful bird
fly from her cage
into the blue beyond
into the great sky
and free.

An update and website name change

Friends, I have decided to jump in deeper with this poetry site.

That means I have paid to remove advertising, I was so sick of it as I’m sure you were.

And now it means I have changed the website name, bought a new one and mapped it to this wordpress site.

It is now

I think this marks a new momentum of poetry for me.  To be clear, I am not trying to do anything with the poetry I write. I’m not trying to get somewhere, or make a career out of it, or get more followers or even appeal to the followers I do have (but thank you anyway!)

No, I simply write because I choose to write, maybe because it gives me something other areas of life don’t give me. Even my music, and I love playing and writing and recording music, doesn’t give me what my poetry does.

That is probably directly because it’s just simple expression with no particular purpose other than itself.

To me it is love, love as consciousness, love as expression, love as form, and love as beauty and love as communication, that’s why I do it.

So I wanted to thank you, to those of you who read it, those who support me, those who like, those who read and don’t comment and those who don’t respond. I appreciate it all. I am not going to change much I can’t imagine. The website may expand in some way, but probably not.

That all I have to say.

Much love to you on this day.

Kavi ( )