Become the Open Sky

In this temporal life
Is it possible
To be so like the sky
And just allow all the clouds
Everything kind of weather
To come, do its thing, and then go
Without grasping at the cloudless days
Or the calm days, or the blissful days

There is a way
Indeed, we must pursue this way,
Or else be swallowed up and dominated
By the weather

But to become the open sky
Means to let go of all attachment
That the clouds bring
I don’t mean to become cold and uncaring
But to become so wide, so free and open,
That everything can just arrive, do its thing, and then go

I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t say it’s easy
I don’t say it’s an absolute space
And I advise caution to believe gurus or teachers
When they proclaim they have fully arrived there

To open like the sky is a new relationship
It requires vigilance and tenderness
Effort and no effort
Insight and resolve

We are breaking the habits and conditioning of a lifetime
It takes courage and forgiveness
And a warriors patience.

Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

You Cannot Find Truth in the Matrix

Searching in the linearity
For what will satisfy
The yearning heart
And the longing soul
Is fruitless

We must dive beneath the waves
Into the vertical dimension
Beyond time’s limited offerings
Inside our own being

Who is it that truly knows themselves
In these days of surface living
The wise man, or woman,
Stands out among the fools
And sees clearly the veils of illusion

The only journey for truth is inwards
And for that journey
We must be prepared
To become naked
To dissolve false and erroneous beliefs
To unpack the conditioned self
And to fall into the unknown

Truth is only found in the unknown.

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay

Human Being a Miracle

You wear the universe
As your clothes
Your hair the stars
As they fly across the sky

What miracle are you
That you speak and dance
And feel the beauty and the sorrow

You, yes you, pure consciousness
Walking this world
Clothed in this wondrous universe
Clothed in form
Yet still formless

You seem to be so real
Made of matter, skin and bone
Yet you are water, and space
All energy weaved together
And called a human being
You are being
Not ‘a’ being
But beingness itself

If only you could see
What miracle you are.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

The Human Dilemma

We arrive on these shores
From some unknown place
By design, by accident or by grace
Our destiny seems to roll out before us
We walk, mostly in a dream state,
Through our experiences
Measuring them against the imagination
Of what we think our life should look like
And yet, when we approach the final moments,
We may see that it was
Exactly the way it should have been after all

Only awakening to our deepest nature
Can reveal the truth of us
Only through the portal
Of life’s richest and most challenging experiences
Can we come to know anything real about life

The beloved, the divine, grace
Calls each of us again and again
To remember something true about ourselves
It might be innocence, or love
It might be the power of grief to transform us
It may be the beauty of joy
Or the joy of beauty
Or it could be to realize
That we know nothing
But we are here in this mystery
Having arrived from some distant place
Thrown together in this way
And it is our task to accept it as best we can
And to look out at each other
And recognize the same journey
In everyone’s eyes

We are alone, together
Dancing in the paradox
Such is our predicament.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Appreciating The Life We Get

I have often wanted a different life
A really successful one
Where my creative talents emerged victorious
I became someone
And I felt safe and secure
Recognized and valued

I wanted anything but to experience
The sadness and deep sense of failure I felt
The penetrating feeling that I had missed my life
And other people were getting a better deal
I stopped listening to music for many years
It was just too painful
And I fell into the deep well of existence
Where nothing could shield me from those thoughts
And the darkness came for me
And I gave myself to it
What if it was true, I had failed?
I had missed the opportunities
I hadn’t had the courage or fire
Or ambition, or luck, or skill
To be someone in the world, to be myself fully?
An existential agony swallowed me up

And then something happened
And I began to embrace my sense of failure
There was something about the falling
Something about the giving up
Something about the utter surrender of hope
That released me
How did I know what existence really wanted from me
Did I actually know life at all
Maybe there was a bigger pattern at work
And no matter what I feel, success or failure
I am always part of that pattern anyway?
Maybe it doesn’t matter what I do
As long as I do it with an open heart?

Maybe it’s just about appreciating what I have,
What I am, and the moment of existence that is this
Maybe if I stopped comparing myself to anyone and everyone
I could feel the freedom to just exist as this miracle of form

And thus I felt humility, and sadness, and grief, and freedom,
And joy, and love
And I began to become my real self, no longer chained
By my imagination of how it should look
But instead present and open, dedicated to truth and love
There is still the small one inside who, just now and then, says
‘I could have been someone,’
And I reply quietly, ‘You are someone.’

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait any longer
Don’t do it, don’t play the waiting game
Whatever you are waiting for before you rise
Before you shine, before you embrace the love inside
Before you step into authority
Before you unleash your creative vulnerability
And expression
Before you speak truth and love to power
Before you declare yourself
Don’t wait, it’s a trick
Feel it now, and when you feel it now
Allow it to fill your cellular body
With possibility, with excitement, with potential
As it flows into your blood, cleanses out the old
As it sweeps away hesitancy and caution
Fear and whatever old conditioning still exists
Don’t wait
Even if you don’t yet take any action
Allow yes to flood into your no body
Become a warrior, just because you can
Don’t wait for anyone to confer it on you
No one can do it, not king or queen or guru or teacher
Only you, and when you see the trick of time
That may endlessly defer it
Because of fear, or vulnerability or something else
You will see…it is now
Not soon, not in a while
But now

This life is over so quickly
And only love matters
And you are that
Nothing can harm you
And there is nothing real to fear

Don’t wait.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Just Do It Anyway

I spent years thinking I needed more confidence
But I never got any
Eventually I realized
I just needed to do whatever I wanted
Regardless of whether I had confidence or not
Consequently I began to do what I wanted
And the voice of confidence or not
Faded into the background
Still to this day I can hear it sometimes
Calling from afar
No longer the enemy just a vulnerable friend.

The Noble Broken

What I am really saying
Is that if life hasn’t broken you open yet
There is still some way to go
But that brokenness itself is not the end
There is a way of holding it
That has a nobility ingrained in it
A strength of character
Where nothing is denied
And everything is allowed to come home
There is a great transparency
In standing naked with dignity intact
When all attempts to wear a mask
Have come to an end
And only the raw broken beautiful you remains
Let us be the noble broken.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

When The Darkness Rises

In the time of Jesus
It was grim
In the time of Rumi
It was pretty tough
Civilization is marked
With centuries of conflict
And horrors unimaginable

No teacher, poet, or wisdom holder
No warrior, guru, or prophet
No holder of what is sacred
Waited for the time of joy
The golden age
To step into their truth
You don’t get to pick the time
The time picks you

If the politics insult you
And threatens to drag us into darkness
Become a love and truth warrior
Rise up into power
And let the politicians and power hungry
Do what they do
You are not defined, nor limited, by them

No teacher, warrior or poet
Waited until a labor government
Or the democratic progressives
Were in power
Before they spoke truth

We cannot wait
You and I cannot wait
For the conditions to be right
Because the conditions are always right.

Image by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay

Living In A Film

Can you see yourself in others
In the world that appears in your eyes
Everything seems so separate
But your mind is telling you lies
Tricked by our perception
We walk into a dream
We lose the true reality
And make up what it means
So we fight amongst each other
But we are living in a film
Each of us is a character
But nothing here is real…

Image by Andreas Glöckner from Pixabay