Befriend Grief, Discover Joy

This wholesale denial of grief
Renders the village
At war with itself

A people that denies its pain
Its confusion and its sorrow
Cannot truly celebrate its joy

The pushing away of death
Into the shadows
And our inability
To open our hearts
To our wounded state
And let love pour in and out
Keeps the beauty of life
The jewel we seek, peace,
Out of our hands

And we live as ghosts
Dreaming of the things
We could easily have
If only we turned and faced life

The wound is becoming clear
Rising to the surface of the collective
All that was denied is now
Becoming visible

Can we face ourselves?
Or will we yield to the despot
Who cries ‘It’s them!’
And we all turn
And blame someone else
Here we are friend,
In the midst
Of the biggest existential crisis
Since we arrived

Your grief
Your joy
Your openness
Your truth
Your power
Your love
Your beauty
Is in your hands

The only revolution is inside

Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

The Path of Wisdom

There is a wisdom inside us
Beyond mind
But, through the relentless closure
Caused by trauma and conditioning,
We don’t have access to it
This wisdom is natural and inclusive
Clear seeing and compassionate
It can guide us and inform us
We might call it love’s intelligence
It has a radically different fragrance
From mind’s rational fear based knowledge

To discover this freedom
There must be a letting go
Of the trauma and conditioning
That blocks the way
It must be surrendered somehow
Abandoned as the prison it is

It takes courage, tenacity and grace
It is a path not a destination
At first it appears impossible
To find this place
And the question is ‘how?’
But if we keep knocking
And keep inquiring
And keep releasing
And stay devoted
With great sincerity
And willingness
Eventually things begin to crack open
And the great ocean of wisdom
That awaits us
Is discovered

Serve this path with all your heart
It is the path of wisdom.

A Crack in the Armor

All it takes is a small crack
A little doubt
A recognition of something bigger
A flash of light
A seeing of patterns
A weariness of carrying stuff
Just a small crack in the armor

And that’s it, that’s enough
For the light to get in
Once the light starts
Something is set in motion
It may take no time
It may take a long time
It doesn’t matter

For the light has begun
To shine on the darkness.

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

Cherish This Day

We may be gone forever
When we leave this world
There is no guarantee of return
And yet we live our lives
Hidden and ashamed
Our light occluded
By imaginary shadows
As though we are here forever
We suppress our creative impulse
And struggle with our worth
But really, who cares,
Everything and everyone here will be gone
Dissolved into the dust of time
Nothing will be left

Throw off the chains today
Again and again
Dance in the mess of it all
Be wild and free
Cry and laugh and grieve your sorrow
Paint and write and sing your joy
Pick up an instrument
And make some noise
Tell everyone you love them
Give gifts to loved ones
And strangers alike
Make someone’s day
By paying them attention
Shine your light now, today
It may be all over tomorrow.

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

Speaking Truth From Love

Awakening is not a badge
A pinnacle
An achievement
We have it all wrong
We take success consciousness
And try and apply it to our awakening
It’s not that at all

It’s a softening of all hardness
An opening of what was closed
It has no achievement in it
It is tender, even vulnerable
But there is no victim

It’s the wide open space of softness
We just don’t have experience of it
So it’s hard to grasp it
We are conditioned to achievement,
To success or failure
To penetration
To attack or defend
To victim and aggressor
We are even trained to expect hostility
All this talk of softening, of opening,
It creates chaos in the mind
Openness! No way, I hear people say

Yes I say, radical openness
The end of defend and attack mentality
There is incredible strength in openness
But the defended and righteous self
Cannot comprehend it
This strength is of the heart wide open
Speaking truth from love

When you have touched this place
And experienced its power
It will change you forever

And you might fall into a deeper beauty
Into a deep tenderness of love
And that will bring you to your true power

And if we could all embrace
That powerful truthful openness
We could never harm each other
And everything would change.

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

Our True Nature Is Calling

Come my friend take my hand
And I will lead you into the mystery
Into the infinite realms of being
Where time flows in all directions
Where our star consciousness
Flows beyond all notion of body
Where everything is spinning
And everything is one thing
There is ecstasy in your heart
But you have forgotten how to find it

We have lived too long with heads bowed
In servitude
We have forgotten our humble grace
And our true nature as innocence
We became lost in our narcissism
And now we fight among ourselves
Like hyenas picking at our own carcass

This is not our destiny
To lose ourselves
To lose our divine connection
To become slaves to form
To endlessly fight each other

It is not what we are for

Remember, my fellow traveler,
Remember your self
We come from the stars
We are innocent and free
Beautiful and wild
And that’s what is calling us
In these collapsing times.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Sun and Moon Nature

The sun doesn’t say to the moon
‘Sometimes you are less than perfect
With this emptying and filling up,
Endless pushing and pulling
And so emotional!’

No, the sun just radiates it’s warmth
And shines anyway
Allowing the moon to be itself

The moon doesn’t say to the sun
‘You are always the same, so predictable,
Even when you are hidden behind clouds
You just radiate the same
Wouldn’t you like to be more like me?’

No, the moon knows it is held by the sun
And that co existence is the key

There is a part of us all
That has its moon nature
Governed by the rising and falling
Emotional and sensitive

But it’s only part of the picture

We have sun nature
That radiates presence
That holds everything together
That allows the coming and going
But doesn’t identify with it

There are many who have not discovered
Their sun nature
And remain mercilessly pulled
By the waves of coming and going

Wisdom lies in knowing, and embodying, both.

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay