Compassionate Heart

This compassionate heart
That grew inside me
Was born from pain
And desperate attempts
To keep away from old wounds
Lost in addictions and avoidance
Strategies that failed
And only brought me greater suffering
And suffering to those around me

When I gave up fighting
My world caved in
And the resistor was destroyed,
Broken up and dissolved
What remained, and it took many years
And many tears
Was this compassionate heart

I saw myself in everyone
I saw everyone’s pain and sorrow
I saw the patterns we weave
And the strategies we employ
I realized that only kindness really works
And only a compassionate embrace
Of all human troubles
Releases us to be who we are.

Image by keyouest from Pixabay

Speak Goodness Into the World

The tears of grief we cry
That come from the depth of us
Are themselves the source
Of the goodness we speak into the world

The spring water that is so fresh to taste
Comes from within the deepest earth

The deeper we are able to go into existence
The richer are the gifts we can offer
And when the world is hurting so much
And most cannot find that spring water

Maybe you and I can say
‘Here, come over here and drink a little
You must be weary on the road.’

All we can really offer is an open heart.

Image by Jaesung An from Pixabay


There is power in you
A vast untapped resource
Of infinite energy
A vibrational river deep
In your energy body

It reaches down into the earth
And out into the heavens
It connects you to all that is
It always was, and always will be, there
Your true power

Yet the conditioned coat has weighed heavy upon you
And the wounds dug into you and hid your true power
Told you were less than, unworthy and separate from god
You have walked in the wilderness for so long

Don’t worry!
Those very wounds are your humanity, your humility
Those very wounds are your gifts
The grace from which you share
Without them you would be nothing

The giant redwood tree is imperfect but mighty
With its roots deep in the ground
And its branches reaching to the sky

No one wants your perfection
Everyone wants the same thing
To know how to live with the wounds
How to live an authentic life

But you can only know this
When you reach in and touch
That vast vibrational river
Deep inside your being

Expand your knowledge
Of what it means to be human
You are, and always have been,
Directly connected to the divine
To the all and everything
You are, and always have been,
Directly connected to the earth
To the all and everything

All else is, and always has been, a lie
Throw off the tatty conditioned coat
And embrace this truth of your nature
You are needed, your energy is needed,
There is work to do here
And only you can do it.

  • Image by Simi Luft from Pixabay

There is a Light

There is a light within your being
I have seen it
It is there no matter what happens
On the surface of your life

That light animates you
Maybe you hear it calling
It is the light of truth
The light of love
The light of rightness
The light of harmony

In these times when so much is changing
And what we took for normal has gone
That light within, which has a voice,
Is your guide, your beacon,
Your navigation
It carries your innate authority
Your wisdom, your purpose,
It is the holder of your divine connection

You don’t have to find it, it’s not missing
All you have to do is turn towards it
And say yes to it
Yes I am listening
And ready for a deeper guidance

There is a natural intelligence inside life
When we discover that river of goodness
It changes everything.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay


And then one day I realized
I had to stand for something
It was my duty to find what mattered
And stand for it
I saw the erosion of our freedoms
The undermining of our truths
The collapse of our rights
And decided I had to say no
That’s not what I want for future generations

And so I made love my line in the sand
Not a weak personal interdependent love
But a ferocious love that does what it takes
To take care of what it values most,
The vulnerable and the innocent,
To take care of who we are
Like a precious child

Sometimes it feels as though our humanity is slipping through our fingers
Under a great, subtle, overt, conscious erosion
While we dally around
Preoccupied with our survival and our habits
Our phones and our apps

We may be the frog
That is slowly being boiled
Unless we stand for something

That’s my line, right there
I call it love.

– Thank you for reading. I don’t often ‘rant’ and it won’t happen again for a while but I feel compelled to state where I am at. I feel passionately that each of us is being called to our own bar now to ask us searching and deep questions about what we are prepared to do for what we truly value. I am responding to this call in the only way I know how. LOVE.

– Kavi

Release the Past

Friend, it is time to stop playing out
The patterns of the past
You are not that past
And you have probably healed it
As much as you can

So now it is time to meet the day with fresh eyes
With clear awareness, no residue, nothing sticky
Just holding everything in the depth of you
As a wise elder, who has been through the wars,
Now meets drama and trouble as the open sky meets the clouds

The truth is the past can never be fully resolved
All we can really do is let it be as it is and release it
It defines us only as long as we choose

There is such a freedom to be found
When we meet the day
The way the day meets us
Fresh and new and open.

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

The Door of True Power

The key to inner freedom
Lies in a door in the center of the chest
Not through the myopic lens
Of the five senses tunnel
That feeds the mind
Or the emotional body
That projects its trauma and wounds

The power we seek
Is the door in the chest that, when opened
Allows the greatest power we have,
Unconditional love, to be liberated

Love knows what to do, and does it
This love is not personal love
We may call it the power of universal love
It is the root of right action
And may be the only true way we have
To overcome mind’s fear

All our individual and collective power is inside that door
And as long os it is closed
We are locked out of our inner authority
No one can open it for us
And opening it is an act of free will

Knowing this, what do we do.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Find Stillness, Wisdom Follows

There is a river of intelligence
That runs through us
A silent stream of goodness and wisdom
That may guide our hand and mind
A gentle nudge or a gut feeling
Or an inner voice that whispers in our ear
This is our true navigation

It is beyond reason
Beyond all information
And beyond mind
It can only be heard in peaceful abiding

The grace of the dawn as it silently arrives
Invites even the most timid bird to sing its courting song

Find stillness and inner wisdom will follow.