The Splendor of Brokenness

When you have had enough
Of the vicissitudes of life
Come here
When you have been broken
One too many times
And you are exhausted
And ready to let go
Come here
When all your searching
Has led you to a closed door
Come here
When you are beaten, broken
Bombarded and bored
Ready to give up the fight
Come here

That’s what we do here
We sit in the splendor of brokenness
And discover that which is unbroken
We don’t fix you or heal you
We don’t deny you
Or create a faith
We don’t overcome the problem

We open to the whole thing
We open so wide we become the space
Inside which everything happens
We allow the human experience
With all its pain and suffering and grief
And joy and desire and happiness
Nothing is excluded

It is a great relief
To finally let go of the struggle
And be held
And sit with others
And dance, and laugh
And cry
And sit in the silence of it all

Come, come
A thousand times. come.

The Razor’s Edge

To walk through
The valley of darkness
With awareness
Placing one foot
Softly after the other
In tenderness and resolve
Holding fear lightly
Allowing the waves of emotion
To rise and fall
This is the razor’s edge

It is called the razor’s edge
Because it cuts through duality.

The Endless Search

Through dark forests he crawled
Across vast oceans
Torn and broken
He searched and searched
In mysterious valley
And the highest mountains
He peered into space
Open mouthed at the sheer majesty
Of eternity as it circled above him
Onwards he went
Searching and searching
More and more desperate

‘What are you searching for?’
Asked a farmer he met on the road.

’There is something missing,
I feel incomplete
Surely we are all looking for this completion
Isn’t this what drives us?’

‘You are misguided my friend,
This is a myth perpetuated
By the blind and foolish
By the ignorant and wayward
By those who seek power over you
And by your own arrogant mind.’

‘But without this sense of incompletion
What is the point of life
Why would we go on
What is the purpose
There must be something more?’

‘Friend, you are scratching an eternal itch
You have surrendered yourself
To the wrong master
Your own mind and its tyrannical ways
You are now enslaved
And held captive
In a myth of incompletion
Whereby you eternally search
And die unfulfilled.

Give up all this searching
And look with your inner eye
The mechanism of lack
That is at work
Just sit there and see like buddha
For one moment

In this simplicity is the truth.’

We never left the garden
And became incomplete
We went unconscious
And drunk with knowledge
And got lost in thought.

Life – It’s a Tough Lesson

It’s a tough lesson
So many dreams and beliefs
Lie shattered
Hearts broken
Ideas strewn around
Like debris from a crash

You believed, naively,
In what you were told
We all did
That’s what youth is
And then reality starts
And down the dreams come
First one falls to the ground
And then another
And that’s when you hit
The danger zone
Bitterness sets in
Anger takes over
You believed it all
And now you feel cheated

But here is the thing my friend
Now is the time to question
Everything you were told
And all you came to believe
Look into the heart
The soul of life
Ask deeper and deeper questions

The difference between
The downcast and the warrior
Is a change in perspective
The warrior takes their pain
Their suffering
And transforms it
They release the inner victim
To fly into the heavens
The warrior stops trying
To be someone
Other than who they are
They embrace brokenness
As a gift

It’s a tough lesson
But when you drop
All expectations
And just allow it to be
Whatever it is
You become noble and true
Like a blade
Forged on the anvil
Of disappointment
And broken dreams.

Let’s Build a Fire

Come my friend
Let us build a fire
Far away from everyone
In the wild somewhere
Somewhere we cannot be found
You can bring it all
Your sorrow, fear and pain
All that pent up anger
All the times you have turned away
And bitten your tongue
All the heartbreak and heartache
The shame and the guilt
Even the hope, the prayers and the blind faith

You can bring it all
And we can burn it
All night long
And watch it all turn to flickering ash
Rising up to the stars
Disappearing into the void

And as dawn arrives
We can sing a sweet song
Of love’s tender freedom
As we make our way
Back to the hubbub of the market place
There may even be
A lightness in our step
And a crafty smile
Upon our lips

They will be curious
And ask why we smell
Of woodsmoke
But I will not share our secret with them.

The Song of Humanity

There is only one true poem
It tells the story
Of innocence lost
Abandoned to shame
Blame and guilt

It speaks of the human journey
In the wilderness
Lost in drama
And righteousness
Desperate for meaning

It is an enduring and heart breaking tale
Of unimaginable suffering
Of man against man
Man against woman
True nature forgotten
A tale of greed and avarice
Of idols and false gods
Of confusion and chaos

Ah! But here is the thing
This great poem
Speaks to each of us
For this is the poem
Of you and me

The innocence lost is yours and mine
Can we find it again?

The struggle in the wilderness
Lost in drama
Desperate for meaning
Is our struggle
Can we find the light of love in this darkness?

Each of us carries the song of humanity
Within us
Each one of us
Is a reflection of the whole
And when one of us
Finds the light within the darkness
So a little part of everyone else lights up
For everything is contained within everything else

And that is why I keep my light burning.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash