Face Yourself

Don’t hide any longer
Face it, whatever it is
Whatever has been un-faced,
Avoided, swept under the rug
It’s there anyway, inside
Nagging away
Trying to get attention
Face it, not with hostility
Or with resentment or resignation
But with openness
With an open mind
And an open heart
Be open to facing, hearing,
Feeling, letting it in

Let it all in
And, by being open and not
Trying to solve it or fight it
It more easily flows through
Into love

Give it freedom
Give yourself the freedom
You deserve
Only you can do that
No one can give it to you
And that freedom
Is the freedom
To face it all
Whatever has been hidden
Denied, explained, locked away
Whatever is still unexplored

You are built to voyage
And the inner journey
Is the most arduous one
But there are strengths unknown
Within each of us
And only when we meet ourselves
Do we really find out who we are
And what we are capable of

Face it.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

You Cannot Find Truth in the Matrix

Searching in the linearity
For what will satisfy
The yearning heart
And the longing soul
Is fruitless

We must dive beneath the waves
Into the vertical dimension
Beyond time’s limited offerings
Inside our own being

Who is it that truly knows themselves
In these days of surface living
The wise man, or woman,
Stands out among the fools
And sees clearly the veils of illusion

The only journey for truth is inwards
And for that journey
We must be prepared
To become naked
To dissolve false and erroneous beliefs
To unpack the conditioned self
And to fall into the unknown

Truth is only found in the unknown.

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay

To Face Oneself Fully

He, or she, who cannot face themselves fully
Will spend their days trying to manipulate reality
To fit around what is being avoided

What is avoided in life does not go away
That’s not how it works
What is avoided plays itself out
In unconscious patterns
In behaviors that have a destructive element
And in ways that draw attention to themselves

Because that which is being avoided
Is trying to grab attention
So it can be loved and come home
Everything is searching for wholeness

To face oneself fully is not a one time deal
It’s a path that unfolds the rest of one’s life
There is such a richness to this path
Such a depth and wisdom gathered
It is the path of maturity

And all we have to do is stop running
Turn around, and never turn away again.

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Appreciating The Life We Get

I have often wanted a different life
A really successful one
Where my creative talents emerged victorious
I became someone
And I felt safe and secure
Recognized and valued

I wanted anything but to experience
The sadness and deep sense of failure I felt
The penetrating feeling that I had missed my life
And other people were getting a better deal
I stopped listening to music for many years
It was just too painful
And I fell into the deep well of existence
Where nothing could shield me from those thoughts
And the darkness came for me
And I gave myself to it
What if it was true, I had failed?
I had missed the opportunities
I hadn’t had the courage or fire
Or ambition, or luck, or skill
To be someone in the world, to be myself fully?
An existential agony swallowed me up

And then something happened
And I began to embrace my sense of failure
There was something about the falling
Something about the giving up
Something about the utter surrender of hope
That released me
How did I know what existence really wanted from me
Did I actually know life at all
Maybe there was a bigger pattern at work
And no matter what I feel, success or failure
I am always part of that pattern anyway?
Maybe it doesn’t matter what I do
As long as I do it with an open heart?

Maybe it’s just about appreciating what I have,
What I am, and the moment of existence that is this
Maybe if I stopped comparing myself to anyone and everyone
I could feel the freedom to just exist as this miracle of form

And thus I felt humility, and sadness, and grief, and freedom,
And joy, and love
And I began to become my real self, no longer chained
By my imagination of how it should look
But instead present and open, dedicated to truth and love
There is still the small one inside who, just now and then, says
‘I could have been someone,’
And I reply quietly, ‘You are someone.’

When The Darkness Rises

In the time of Jesus
It was grim
In the time of Rumi
It was pretty tough
Civilization is marked
With centuries of conflict
And horrors unimaginable

No teacher, poet, or wisdom holder
No warrior, guru, or prophet
No holder of what is sacred
Waited for the time of joy
The golden age
To step into their truth
You don’t get to pick the time
The time picks you

If the politics insult you
And threatens to drag us into darkness
Become a love and truth warrior
Rise up into power
And let the politicians and power hungry
Do what they do
You are not defined, nor limited, by them

No teacher, warrior or poet
Waited until a labor government
Or the democratic progressives
Were in power
Before they spoke truth

We cannot wait
You and I cannot wait
For the conditions to be right
Because the conditions are always right.

Image by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay

Befriend Grief, Discover Joy

This wholesale denial of grief
Renders the village
At war with itself

A people that denies its pain
Its confusion and its sorrow
Cannot truly celebrate its joy

The pushing away of death
Into the shadows
And our inability
To open our hearts
To our wounded state
And let love pour in and out
Keeps the beauty of life
The jewel we seek, peace,
Out of our hands

And we live as ghosts
Dreaming of the things
We could easily have
If only we turned and faced life

The wound is becoming clear
Rising to the surface of the collective
All that was denied is now
Becoming visible

Can we face ourselves?
Or will we yield to the despot
Who cries ‘It’s them!’
And we all turn
And blame someone else
Here we are friend,
In the midst
Of the biggest existential crisis
Since we arrived

Your grief
Your joy
Your openness
Your truth
Your power
Your love
Your beauty
Is in your hands

The only revolution is inside

Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

The Dance of Light and Dark

Let us meet
When the sun disappears
And darkness covers us
We can voyage into the depths
Search for the ghosts the haunt us
We can make friends with death
And see, with our inner eyes
into the shadows of our lives

And then let us meet
When the sun peeks its head
Above the horizon and brings the light
We can celebrate our joy
And allow the brilliance
To dissolve the shadows of that night
We can meet it all with clarity
And allow the warmth
To hold us in its deep embrace

Yes, we prefer the warmth and the sun
But, my friend, we cannot have one
Without the other
We are part of the dance
Of light and dark
Part of the duality
This constant movement
Between the poles

Know both
Be at home in the movement
And wisdom will be yours
This is harmony.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay