In many ways it’s not a surprise
This has been coming for a long time
Trouble has lingered in the air
Haunted us, threatened us

We arrived in turbulent times
Where everything is upended
Nothing is real
And we can’t tell who lies
And who speaks truth

Those with wealth beyond measure
Play power games and manipulate our lives
For agendas we do not understand
Conspiracies run rampant
And feed the insecure and fearful imagination

We lurch from one crisis to another
Unable to slow down the machine
The weather, the economy, the politics
An endless barrage of stuff

And now this

Which has brought us into a clash
Of seemingly divided paradigms
The paradigm of separation
And the paradigm of unity

We are now in both
As physical bodies
We are forced to be separate from each other
But as a species, as a consciousness, as a world
We have never been so together
All experiencing the same thing, albeit in different ways

Is this a time of evolution
Of revelation
Or of isolation?

No one knows
As no one knows the movement of evolution
Until it has happened

Is this our Aquarian moment
Astrology, life, evolution
Bringing us to a bifurcation point
A point of no return
Where we evolve and grow together
Or we slide into destruction

No one knows

Which leaves us here
With this moment
Here, now, heart beating, breath in and out

For those spiritual seekers
Who look beyond the veil
This is your time
This is my time
Spiritual seeking is easy
When life is comfortable and safe
But to stay in presence and openness
When the boat is rocking one way and the other
Challenges even the wisest and deepest

Still, that is the call of the emergent warrior of love and truth
I beseech you, stay in goodness, in awareness and in love
There is no other time to wait for
If you can’t be who you have been becoming, now, today
Then you have missed your time

It’s not what you do that defines you
It’s how you resonate
That resonance is what goes into the world
You can resonate from your home
On the internet, in your messages from your phone
You can resonate reactivity or fear
Or you can bless the world
Resonate inner strength and goodness
Even as you carry some fear
Fear is NOT the enemy
When fear is not embraced
When fear brings a story
When fear is acted upon
That’s the trouble
Fear is just an energy that wants to come home to love

Let it, let it, let it
Become the open space of a vast love
That holds the pain of the world
And the pain of all the lies, and greed, and manipulation
Don’t deny it
Just hold it all in something that is greater
Never doubt the power of love’s vastness

This connectedness in love’s vibration
IS our unity
It IS our togetherness
Separation is easy
It’s what we’re taught and what we believe
Unity is a subtle energy, at least for now,
So we must grow it and feed it
And fan its flame
Love is the only way we can do it

Take heart beloved
We are in dynamic times
Pay attention below the surface
Behind the veil
There is a great window opening
And we are facing it…

In so much love

PHOTO by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

The Courage to Empty the Cup

Some try and leave their
Spiritual development
To chance
Hoping grace may fall upon them
And indeed, grace may do that

But those who, while they are waiting,
Have the courage to face themselves
In the naked truth
To meet with openness and care
Their own vulnerability
And regret, sorrow and anger
To make a decision
To hold the line
For their own accountability

They are doing the work
Of clearing out the debris of self
Accumulated over decades
Of misunderstanding and erroneous beliefs

In this way they are becoming empty
And grace is more likely
To fill an empty cup

There is no room when the cup is already full.

Image by Sylvia Michel from Pixabay

The Power of Transformation in You

Don’t spend this precious time
Gazing backwards into the mist
Or forwards into the hope
But root yourself in presence
This presence is openness
Be so wide open, and so here,
That the world, the past, the future
All of it falls into you
As if you are a black hole
That can transform darkness
Into light

For this is your essence
You have this capacity
But you are stuck in the horizontal world
Of time’s relentless swinging
Liberate yourself from the linear
Become empty, open and present
And allow the divine to use you
To transform all that comes into your orbit

There is power in you.

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

A Mirror of the Eternal

Great plans are made by us
And changed by God
We rail and scream and shout
But eventually we surrender
It’s not cruel, although it feels that way,
It’s a mystery we don’t understand
And, like all things out of our control,
We are terrified

We struggle with our existence
Terrified of our mortality
Terrified it means nothing
So we foist meaning onto everything
In the hope some of it sticks

But life confounds our plans
And casts our meaning aside

Whatever intelligence brought us here
Weaves patterns across time
A tapestry in eternity
Of which we are a tiny, but beautiful, blip
We are significant because
We are a reflection, an imprint
Of the tapestry
A mirror of eternity
Beyond anything we can imagine
This realization is shattering.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

I Know Who You Are, And That Is Why I Love You

My love for you
Is not for your personality
For that is simply a mask
You learned to wear
An attempt to fit in
And blend into the crowd
We all have one
And some of them are sweet
And some of them are sour

No, my love for you
Is deeper than all that
My love is for your broken open heart
Your soul that longs to sing
Your essence that yearns to dance
And cry and grieve with joyous truth
It is for your innocence
That still lives
Despite the mask and the cover up
And the games and the hurt

My love for you is true
And I don’t need anything in return
Your own remembering is enough
And your remembering is mine
That which is the deepest in you
Is the same as that which is in me

I want your liberation
But I love you anyway
For I know who you are
Beneath the layers
And beyond the mask.

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay

The Gift of Presence

Let us sit here quietly
And talk about the darkness
Until the light arrives
And casts out the shadows
Through its simple presence

The sun never had to do anything
But show up
So it is with us
All we have to do is show up
In presence, in our fullness
And that will be enough
To cast out our shadows
And our darkness.

Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay

The Curious Game of Duality

Everyone is connected to everything
Yet each one feels entirely separate
What madness does duality bring
To deceive us so convincingly
It is an unfathomable mystery
That horrifies and delights
As though a curious game were being played
And when you realize the truth
The game is over
And true living begins
Not two but one.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay