You are eternal and unchanging
A universe in which manifestation occurs

You are also manifestation occurring
Temporary and forever changing

Finding a way of living these two truths
Is the ultimate dance of form and formless

The sky and the clouds may appear different
Yet are all one thing.

Image by Kanenori from Pixabay


When an individual cell
In the collective body
Becomes fully realized
To its own nature
As unified goodness
Something remarkable transforms
In the quantum field
And that goodness
Becomes entangled
With the innate goodness
In other individual cells

When a community of cells
in the collective body
Becomes fully realized
To its own nature
As unified goodness
A quantum evolutionary leap
May occur across the entire species

This is a remarkable moment
To explore your inner world
And discover your true nature

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Discovering inner truth
Intuition and gut feeling
A deep instinct about things
And a wisdom that supports
That inner knowing

Is the only true authority we need
It is our connection to ourselves
To each other, to nature
And to God

Once discovered we must each find a way
To live from that deeply profound place
No matter what happens.

  • Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay

    If you truly believe
    In your deepest instinct
    In your heart of hearts
    In your innate wisdom
    That we are divine beings
    Connected to all that is
    With inner authority
    And imbued with a magnificence
    Beyond the self that is
    Conditioned to smallness
    And held captive by fear

    Now is the time to live that knowing
    Not sometime in the future
    When it feels more comfortable
    Or you feel more awake or aware
    Or more confident and secure

    But now
    For there is dramatic change taking place
    In every quadrant of the universe
    And within each living cell
    Of each living being
    And within the fabric of reality itself

    And you, and I, are being called
    To embrace the transformation
    And live from the truth we know
    And the love we are

    We are not not passengers
    We are leaders and participants.

    Image by pr9203 from Pixabay


    We are hurtling towards collectivization
    It is inevitable, written in the stars,
    The Shift of the Ages

    What kind of collectivization
    Is what the inner and outer struggle
    Is all about

    Will it be about freedom and unity and love
    Will each individuation serve the whole
    Recognizing itself in the other
    Creating a world guided by enlightenment

    Or will it be collective tyranny
    Driven by fear, division and mass control
    Creating a world lost in separation and paranoia

    While we may not be able to do anything much about the outside world
    We can do so very much about the inside world

    Start within…It is the only way.

    • Image by Chu Viết Đôn from Pixabay


    There is a revolution happening
    IN YOU

    The door has always been there, throughout time,
    But always it has been a partially shut door
    We had to squeeze through
    To discover our true nature
    And our one compassionate heart

    That door is now WIDE OPEN
    And freely available to all
    No need to squeeze through
    No privilege of enlightenment for the few

    Now it is possible for all
    Still it requires persistence,
    Surrender of the righteous belief system
    And a willingness to face ourselves

    But there is a revolution happening
    IN YOU

    Friend, this is the time, now, here, in the midst of this structural collapse
    Open your heart and mind
    Turn off the fear, and all the causes of fear
    And embrace your inner authority
    As the cosmic being you are
    Stop all activity that distracts you from your one true purpose, INNER REVOLUTION.

    Image by Javier Rodriguez from Pixabay


    Let us cry our tears
    For the coming and going
    Holding the heartache
    Close to our chest
    Surrendering our resistance
    To the inevitable
    Not turning away
    But bearing it all
    Even as it breaks us wide open

    The weepers, those who can weep,
    Not just for those they love
    But for all the coming and going
    They bridge the worlds

    For really there are not two
    But one appearing as two
    And the weepers dissolve the illusion.

    Image by ELG21 from Pixabay


    We have become done up
    Some like tightly coiled springs
    Others more loose and relaxed
    But still, all done up

    This doing-up is our conditioning
    Our introduction and familiarization
    With what we now call the matrix

    It seems random what kind of doing-up we are subject to
    But of this we can be sure
    As soon as we catch a glimpse
    Of something more intrinsic, more true,
    Than the doing-upness

    Something is set in motion
    A search, a journey, a seeking, a longing,
    An ever increasing awareness
    That something is not right about the doing-upness

    And that will bring us to the path of undoing
    And what a path it is!

    Image by Tawny Nina Botha from Pixabay