This is it
I am leaving wordpress after 5 years of poetry

It has been wonderful
But enough is enough

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My subscription will run until the end of this month and then expire.

Thank you so much for following me, liking my poems and paying some attention.
The poetry is not stopping, only my chosen and preferred platform.
I still do all my poetry free and substack is no different.

So if you fancy continuing the journey jump on.
Otherwise be well and be blessed.

Kavi Jezzie Hockaday


The tangled web we weave
Entangling ourselves and each other
In the stickiness
Like a glue that wants to harden
And solidify into something fixed

All this entangling must come undone
Sometimes in one fell swoop
Often as a gradual erosion

The inherited and conditioned patterns
Woven into us unconsciously
Parents, religion, morality
All the ancestral wounds
Playing themselves out in each of us

All this must cease being the driver
Of our urges, our habits and our addictions

This is a call to become naked and innocent
To fall into the unknowing-ness prior to personality

It is no small call, not for the feint of heart
It is a warriors challenge, for it takes great courage
To take everything off
To remove the veils
To open Pandora’s box
To meet the ghosts
To face any and all demons
Not from a place of war
But from the deepest peace and openness
As the sky accepts the tumult of the storm.

Image by Brigipix from Pixabay


You are eternal and unchanging
A universe in which manifestation occurs

You are also manifestation occurring
Temporary and forever changing

Finding a way of living these two truths
Is the ultimate dance of form and formless

The sky and the clouds may appear different
Yet are all one thing.

Image by Kanenori from Pixabay


When strong emotions arise
Welcome them with open arms

When life deals you a bad hand
Don’t take it personally

If a storm approaches
Remember the sky
In which it comes

The tree without roots
Will collapse in the slightest breeze

Find what roots you
In the ground of your being
And no wind will fell you

There is a secret power
Found in the deepest relaxation
Nature already knows this
But we have forgotten
Remember this
When the storm comes.

Image by RegalShave from Pixabay


Discovering inner truth
Intuition and gut feeling
A deep instinct about things
And a wisdom that supports
That inner knowing

Is the only true authority we need
It is our connection to ourselves
To each other, to nature
And to God

Once discovered we must each find a way
To live from that deeply profound place
No matter what happens.

  • Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay

    Sometimes I just get so sick of all this ridiculous bullshit
    I try and remember it’s all a leela, a play, a game
    And only consciousness is real
    And ignorance is the only real enemy
    (and not one to be fought with
    but to be transcended with awareness)

    But in truth I get weary
    Walking this world
    As it implodes
    And eats itself with division

    I discovered love to be the only worthy thing
    Worth standing for
    And I devoted my life, my service, my every breath to that

    I have not transcended the world
    I am not above it
    I feel it in every fibre of my being
    I feel it all, the suffering, the horror,
    The blindness, the blame, the malevolence
    The manipulation, the tyranny
    My how it hurts sometimes

    And all I can do is speak it,
    Say its name, in the pain of love
    I know I am not alone in this
    And maybe you feel the same sometimes

    There is no remedy
    And I’m not looking for positive words
    If we don’t speak the truth
    We are doomed
    This is my song of grieving.


    We have become done up
    Some like tightly coiled springs
    Others more loose and relaxed
    But still, all done up

    This doing-up is our conditioning
    Our introduction and familiarization
    With what we now call the matrix

    It seems random what kind of doing-up we are subject to
    But of this we can be sure
    As soon as we catch a glimpse
    Of something more intrinsic, more true,
    Than the doing-upness

    Something is set in motion
    A search, a journey, a seeking, a longing,
    An ever increasing awareness
    That something is not right about the doing-upness

    And that will bring us to the path of undoing
    And what a path it is!

    Image by Tawny Nina Botha from Pixabay


    Leave your bags
    At the water’s edge
    Go naked and empty

    Dive in to the deep
    Let the water cleanse
    Your energy body

    Do not look back
    Neither look forward
    Be where you are

    Enter the moment
    Between the in-breath
    And the out-breath

    Allow eternity itself
    To be revealed to you
    By dying to all
    That is temporary

    Be still
    And walk
    To the busy market
    Return with your basket full
    And your mind free.

    Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


    My early years were filled with joy and excitement
    Anticipation and the love of freedom

    My teenage years were the destruction of all that I knew
    The joy and excitement changed to foreboding and angst

    My twenties were the playing out of denial of pain
    Living in a chaos that allowed me to cope

    My thirties saw the chronic repercussions
    Of the previous decades
    The impact of addiction
    And relational dysfunction

    My forties saw a ‘do or die’ situation,
    A point at which I had to meet my demons
    Or my demons would eat me alive

    That’s when the door opened

    My fifties saw the unravelling of my self
    All the pain arose, the anger, the hurt and the fear
    No stone was left unturned in the journey
    That seemed to go on forever

    My sixties are where you find me now, here, writing this
    Wounded, weary, experienced, amazed, humble and aware
    It all seems so strangely right

    We are like trees
    Everything grows us when we let it
    Even the hurt and the pain and the angst
    There is no answer that satisfies
    So we must just allow the past
    To be the fertilizer for the present

    Peaceful loving acceptance
    Of the whole journey
    Is what I have arrived at
    Not as an elevated destination
    But as an ongoing relationship
    That invites me to surrender
    Again and again and again.