The Maturation of the Human

At some point the grape
Must turn to wine
As the caterpillar
Becomes butterfly

It is our destiny to mature
Yet so many only wither
Still on the vine

The maturation is a transformation
A gathering of what we have become
A recognition of old wounds and hurts
And letting them all go
The path of maturity is simple
To just be here in our fullness
Embracing but not dramatizing
That which has hurt us so much

Our uniqueness shines more
When we grow into ourselves
It has nothing to do with what we own
Or what we do
And has everything to do
With how we show up to meet life

If we carry our grievances
Like heavy bags
Our whole lives
What treasures we miss!

We are here for freedom
To be freedom in form
Freedom is being untethered
From the shackles
That have bound us

Maturation into our true selves
Is not spiritual, it’s natural.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

The Veil is Thinner

There is a veil between worlds
Unseen, unknown and mysterious
Where once we were all but trapped
In this reality
And only occasionally did we breach the veil
At auspicious moments
Through mind expansion
Or dramatic events
Now things are changing
And the veil is thinner
Where once only a few glimpsed eternity
And the radical truth of things
Beyond the veil
Now many millions are seeing
And are shocked
And even find it hard to function any longer
In this limited reality
The veil is thinner
And what we took to be reality
Is fading, dissolving, disintegrating
And we must take heart
And allow this dissolvement
For we are powerless to stop it
And must allow divine intelligence
To guide us

The veil is thinner friend
And all this radical sensitivity you feel
Is the awakening from a deep sleep
That has captivated us for centuries
But is now drawing to a close
Everything is in an evolutionary state.

Image by Michele Caballero Siamitras Kassube from Pixabay

Time To Get Your Shit Together

There, I said it,
And even though some will reject it
Some may hear this simple phrase
As coming at the right time
I speak to those
Who are ready to bring an intensity
An earnestness, a devotion,
Yes even an urgency
To their search and discovery
Spiritual emergence is not just a passive
Acceptance of whatever comes
It is that but something else also
A steadfast determination
To tear down the walls of falseness
And to break open
The hard shell of phony protection
That requires vigilance and attendance
Presence and resolve
If there is any resolution to be made
Let it be the resolution
To emerge from any dreaming
From the imagination
From fear and old conditioning
From the tyranny of mind
To let the old go
And become the depth itself
The love and the kindness
And the power that comes with it.

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay


When the hard men
Turn towards tenderness
Because they know
That’s what they really want

And the violence
Born of vulnerability
Is seen as futile
And only begets
More violence

When the rich and powerful
Declare war
And no one shows up

When kindness and compassion
Are seen as the highest
Of human qualities

We will know peace
And our communities
Will begin to love each other.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay


The Resolution of Ancestral Wounds.

Each of us, on a certain level,
Is the result of an ancestral wave
Part of a chain that goes back
Into the darkness of history
Our ancestry was wounded
Traumatized, and rooted in survival needs
Our very DNA, our nervous systems,
Carry this memory imprint
And we inherit many ancestral wounds and traits
And, as our own lives are wounded and traumatized,
We cannot see any difference between who we are
And what we inherit
And it all becomes part of the same unconscious
Bag of stuff we pass on generation after generation
This ancestral karma, the passing on of trauma,
Can only function in unconsciousness
And the seeking of awakening
In this world, by so many people,
Is actually the seeking of resolution
Of ancestral wounds

Awakening is the resolution
Of the emotional and inherited
Personal beliefs and ancestral trauma
We learn to make our own

It is the restoration to a kind of innocence
That is inherent to all humans
Not a special accolade of the few chosen ones

A mass awakening is the momentum happening
And all this confusion in our world
Is the unravelling of the ancestral wounds
Traumas and false beliefs
That has driven humanity for centuries

It’s time for HUMANITY 2.01.

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

Testify For Love

I am done with all this flapping on the surface
If you can’t meet me in the deepest
Please don’t meet me at all
It hurts too much
To see you struggling to breathe
While you flap around
With this preoccupation of self

Please, meet me in the deepest,
It will nourish you and feed you
Yes, at first it might hurt
And bring up fears and regrets
Even shame and grief
But you will be alive
Really feeling something
And not lost in the denial of the waves
Come on, let’s go!

This is the time for truth tellers
To rise up and take a stand for love
Join us, and be done with all this surface living,
I know you can do it
You just need the willingness and the desire
The courage and the opportunity

This is it, now, today, here in this moment
Become open, become tender, reveal yourself
Take the stand, testify for love
It’s all we really have
To testify or not.

Photo by Julentto Photography on Unsplash

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I Am For Love

I am for love
For the embracing of grief
And all darkness

I am for kindness
And the grace of compassion

I am for truth held in tenderness
I am for the dance of joy
And the tears of sadness

I am for the warmth
And strength of the human spirit

I am for beauty, but not superficial beauty,
But the beauty of the innermost
The beauty of the heart broken open
And welcomed home

I am for everyone who seeks to transform
I am for those who, despite great suffering,
Hold their heads high and walk with dignity

I am for our awakening
From the dreamlike state
Of separation consciousness
Into the full flowering
Of our highest potential
As the collective we are

But mostly I am for love
For that is where it really starts.

Image by blizniak from Pixabay