To Face Oneself Fully

He, or she, who cannot face themselves fully
Will spend their days trying to manipulate reality
To fit around what is being avoided

What is avoided in life does not go away
That’s not how it works
What is avoided plays itself out
In unconscious patterns
In behaviors that have a destructive element
And in ways that draw attention to themselves

Because that which is being avoided
Is trying to grab attention
So it can be loved and come home
Everything is searching for wholeness

To face oneself fully is not a one time deal
It’s a path that unfolds the rest of one’s life
There is such a richness to this path
Such a depth and wisdom gathered
It is the path of maturity

And all we have to do is stop running
Turn around, and never turn away again.

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

The Mystery of the World

This world, our experience of reality
Is not what it appears to be
There are hidden mysteries within it
Secret mysteries we know nothing about
Sometimes we touch these mysteries
And see beyond the veil
When reality doesn’t conform to our ideas
Or we experience some deeper intelligence
That takes us by complete surprise

But most of us take reality for granted
We think we know it
And we are separate from it
Born into it
And that’s that

A grave error has been made
An assumption
That the mind,
Reliant on perception of five senses,
Can know reality
But it cannot

And so here is the thing dear one
The eye that can see beyond
The wisdom that can see into
And the mind that isn’t made up
Can be open to the mystery
That is this world
The mirror in which we look
The miracle, the majesty, the beauty
And the vast intelligence
That we are inside and deeply part of

No conclusion must be drawn
But lived as awe and wonder.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Consciousness Wears a Mask

The ego self is a disguise
Behind it is openness

Consciousness wears a mask
We pretend to be a self
But really we are not a self
We are are an imagined self

It sounds crazy because it is
And when the ego self is exposed
As the imposter it is
And we rest as the openness we are

Truth is seen
Love is embraced
And everything falls into its right place

We are not who we think we are.

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

The Human Dilemma

We arrive on these shores
From some unknown place
By design, by accident or by grace
Our destiny seems to roll out before us
We walk, mostly in a dream state,
Through our experiences
Measuring them against the imagination
Of what we think our life should look like
And yet, when we approach the final moments,
We may see that it was
Exactly the way it should have been after all

Only awakening to our deepest nature
Can reveal the truth of us
Only through the portal
Of life’s richest and most challenging experiences
Can we come to know anything real about life

The beloved, the divine, grace
Calls each of us again and again
To remember something true about ourselves
It might be innocence, or love
It might be the power of grief to transform us
It may be the beauty of joy
Or the joy of beauty
Or it could be to realize
That we know nothing
But we are here in this mystery
Having arrived from some distant place
Thrown together in this way
And it is our task to accept it as best we can
And to look out at each other
And recognize the same journey
In everyone’s eyes

We are alone, together
Dancing in the paradox
Such is our predicament.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Duality Itself Is Unreal

Today, see duality
With great discernment
But don’t believe it to be truth
Stay resolutely as love
No matter what
It seems almost impossible
Because duality is so convincing
But then, so is virtual reality

We are in strange times
Stay as the wholeness of love
There is insurmountable power
In this one simple decision.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A Divine Thought

The truth is
That nothing of form lasts
And impermanence
Is our outer nature
It is the very cloth we wear

Make the formless
Your true residence
So that, when your time comes,
Your clothes fall effortlessly
Upon the ground
And you are revealed
As that which
You have always been
A divine thought
In the mind of god.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

Appreciating The Life We Get

I have often wanted a different life
A really successful one
Where my creative talents emerged victorious
I became someone
And I felt safe and secure
Recognized and valued

I wanted anything but to experience
The sadness and deep sense of failure I felt
The penetrating feeling that I had missed my life
And other people were getting a better deal
I stopped listening to music for many years
It was just too painful
And I fell into the deep well of existence
Where nothing could shield me from those thoughts
And the darkness came for me
And I gave myself to it
What if it was true, I had failed?
I had missed the opportunities
I hadn’t had the courage or fire
Or ambition, or luck, or skill
To be someone in the world, to be myself fully?
An existential agony swallowed me up

And then something happened
And I began to embrace my sense of failure
There was something about the falling
Something about the giving up
Something about the utter surrender of hope
That released me
How did I know what existence really wanted from me
Did I actually know life at all
Maybe there was a bigger pattern at work
And no matter what I feel, success or failure
I am always part of that pattern anyway?
Maybe it doesn’t matter what I do
As long as I do it with an open heart?

Maybe it’s just about appreciating what I have,
What I am, and the moment of existence that is this
Maybe if I stopped comparing myself to anyone and everyone
I could feel the freedom to just exist as this miracle of form

And thus I felt humility, and sadness, and grief, and freedom,
And joy, and love
And I began to become my real self, no longer chained
By my imagination of how it should look
But instead present and open, dedicated to truth and love
There is still the small one inside who, just now and then, says
‘I could have been someone,’
And I reply quietly, ‘You are someone.’