Lovers Arise

Lovers, there is nothing left for us
But to arise
Everything has changed
Old realities have been torn down
Truth as we knew it is dead
And there is a gaping hole
A gaping hole in the heart of man
All holes eventually are filled
Nature abhors the vacuum

Lovers arise
You have nothing to lose
But your fears and your imagination
Nothing to let go of
But this low grade resonance
That binds you and tethers you
To an old paradigm

We are capable of extraordinary things
We can upgrade, we can fly
We can be powerful
We can let love flow into us and through us
We can make this spiritual seeking
A frequency change
Not sometime in the future
But now

Something is happening on planet earth
It has been on its way for a long time
Are we in the midst of it
Or at the beginning of it
Will things get more intense
Will everything external collapse
No one knows

But each drop of water
Each snow flake
Each cell in the body
Contributes to the whole
And is uniquely valuable

We get to choose our resonance
And if we don’t choose it
Others choose it for us
Lovers arise
There is a wave sweeping through everything

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

The Mind is The Problem, Not the Solution

The mind is capricious
It is complex and untrustworthy
The mind is a story teller
That feeds on old wounds
And a vivid imagination
It is the carrot dangler
And the harbinger of doom
When left to its own devices
It will rule you, fool you
And overrule you

We are enslaved to mind
As to a narcissist king
Pretending to be
An innocent servant

Without insight, depth and humility
Without reflection and a deeper wisdom
Without empathy, compassion and heart
We are destined to be at war for many a year
Mind and against mind
Self against self
People against people
When we are at war with ourselves
We have no chance of being at peace with others

So I have to declare my call
Make peace with yourself, my friend
Stop fighting with your mind
It doesn’t hold the solution
You must go deeper into the unknown
Like some mythological hero’s tale
You will have to venture into the dark
And conquer demons and dark shadows
There is no other way than within

Only by liberating yourself from mind’s tyranny
Will mind come back into service as exquisite technician

Without this deeper inquiry
Man is but a beast driven mad by his own pain
Unable to be present
He projects his pain outwards onto the world
Telling himself stories he then believes
Without really knowing the truth about anything

Our moment is here,
We live in extraordinary times
When the unravelling of falsehood is possible
But only when we develop our warrior nature.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

I Am One

I am one
Who lives
On the ocean floor
Feeling everything
As it sways this way and that
Feeling the depth of things
Looking up at the waves
As they rise and fall
This life is part agony
And part ecstasy
A singular purpose
Of feeling fully
The weight of
The human experience

I am one
Who soars the heavens
As a free bird
Far above the fray
Touching the stars
In love with the sun
Gathering prometheus fire
And swooping down
To share its power
With those walk the land

I am nothing, just this
A silence that walks the world
Here for a time in form
Human, divine, animal, alien
I am in everything
And everything is in me
Humble and prayerful
Yielded all arrogance
And surrendered
To the sheer mystery
We call life.

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

The Door of Opportunity is Open

There is a miracle in our midst
But, in our ignorance,
We turn away again and again
Choosing to indulge our imagination
Gambling on the ego
Who now drives the bus
So recklessly

We who turn away
From innocence and love
And invest ourselves in mind
And all its trickster ways
Its hustle and its narcissism
We have invested in a charlatan

And now, in these extraordinary times,
With so many people parting the veil,
A mass awakening covering the earth,
We get to see clearly
The emperor has no clothes
The ego alone cannot save us

The collective dream has run its course
The investment, gambled over centuries of self
Has left us spiritually bankrupt
Disconnected from our essential nature
Driven by demons of greed and power

Bu there is a miracle in our midst
Call it heart, soul, spirit, truth, or love
And the door of opportunity is open
The invitation has arrived on our doorstep

And thrown down the gauntlet to each of us
From this time on
What do we choose
What do we really value most
Do we surrender ourselves
To the tyranny of ego hive mind
And stay as we were

Do we rise into our magnificence
And, equally, fall into our hearts
Can we do that, return to innocence
Become the embodiment of love’s truth
We have the capacity
It’s there in our very DNA
It may require strength of character
And a great willingness to transform
But in my heart
I know
That is our way forward

The door is open
Can we walk through it.

Image by Jérémie Perron from Pixabay

Don’t Miss This Life

The greatest tragedy in life is not death
It is that we did not live fully
The greatest tragedy is not
That we are here
Marooned on either side by eternity
It is that we wasted our precious time
On things that didn’t matter
And forgot to smell the spring flowers
And stop to listen to the sweet birdsong
As it welcomes the dawn
We forgot to see a world of beauty
And got lost in things we thought we needed

Don’t miss this
Don’t get so caught up in the waves
That you forget to feel
The beautiful texture of the water.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Together in the Mystery

There is no normal
There never really was
Except in our imagination
And in our hoping
But we are always at the mercy
Of things we cannot control

Whatever catastrophe this is
However this has come about
Whatever administrative idiocy or negligence
Has given rise to this

We are now here, in the mystery, together
Some trying to get by
Some tragically sinking
Some even thriving
Keeping it together

We get to feel our true feelings
Like some scene from groundhog day
We get to understand
Our ups and downs
Our avoidances
Our projections
Our fears and hopes
We get to look at our dreams
Our relationships
We may even have a life review
We may over eat, or over drink
We may fall into anger or resentment
Or dive into the murky world
Down the rabbit hole of conspiracy

But still here we are
Together in the mystery
Each of us, day in day out
Faced with ourselves
And how to be with life
Not the life of our imaginations
But this life, today
Here and now
For this is going to be our template
Going on from here

Me, I’m choosing love’s openness
Being transparent and clear as a crystal
I have found this to be the only way
To thrive in this world
Be well fellow travelers.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Time of Reflection While the Train Has Stopped

My prayer for us all
Is that we may take this time
To reflect on our lives
And to make new choices
If we find we have been caught
In the fray, and forgotten true value

When, after many decades of confusion,
I came home to love
I also came home to seeing
How easy it is to miss this life
How easy it is to miss the gift
And the gift is simple, there for both
Rich and poor
Woman and man, black and white
The simplicity and power
Of opening the heart
Whatever the circumstances
Whatever the injustice

True power is the power to care

Our train has been moving too fast
And suddenly it has stopped
A pause at some wayward station
And we get to breathe
And look at the view
And go inside
And decide who we want to be

And when the train, at some point,
Lurches back into its movement
Will be just go back to the same ways
Or will our hearts and minds have opened
And we will make new choices

It’s not up to them, it’s up to us.

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

At Home – Turn Off and Go Inside

Here we are, all at home
There are moments of hope
And periods of despair
Fear and anxiety punctuate the day
Frustration and anger rise
Waves of confusion
Some are triggered into behavior
They mostly avoid
And often regret
Yet still it persists, day upon day,
Those who dare plug into the news
May instantly wish they hadn’t
For it seems as though it’s
The blind leading the blind

All I can say is
Don’t be strong, be true
When you feel angry, be it
But don’t take it out on anyone
If waves of despair crash upon you
Drown for a while
It’s no ones fault that you will ever find
Feel it all fully, and let it wash through you
Hold on to nothing
It could be the cleansing you need
Don’t try and be happy
Just be how you are
This is your chance to go deeper
And if you feel nothing
Or do nothing
That’s ok as well
Turn off the news and go inside
This could be when you find out
Who you really are, what makes you tick
What you really believe, what you fear
And what you truly want.

Here we are at home.

This Existence

Today the butterflies
Are dancing on the wind
And the wind
Is dancing in the emptiness
The birds seem so carefree
I don’t think they know our predicament
The beetles have emerged
And scurry across the path
Busy with business
Unaware of their proximity
To sudden annihilation
I cannot tell them
And I cannot save them

My heart breaks for everything
Nothing escapes death
And the truth is this
Either closes the heart
Or opens it
Either way
There is nothing that can be done.

Photo by Ana Martinuzzi on Unsplash

Face the Storm Together

As another weary day
Of our new world
Draws to a close
A day of madness
And fear

It is important to remember
There has also been kindness
Courtesy, respect and humility
People have cared for each other
Listened to and loved each other
The human heart is still as strong
As it was the day before this global drama

It could be stronger by the time its over
We must not forget our goodness
Even in our insecurity and doubt
Even on this captainless ship
Sailing in the dark

We must keep on remembering
Our presence, our connectedness
And not let them dissolve under any weight

I wish you well, wherever you are
I wish you peace in your heart
I wish you wellbeing in your body
I wish you calmness in your mind
We are brothers and sisters
Caught in a storm we did not create
But we must not fight each other
Imagining the ship is sinking
We must hold each other close
And face the storm together.

Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash