Surrender the Resister

All this fighting with our experience
Struggling, wrestling, trying to dominate it
Deciding it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be like this
Is exhausting
And futile

By the time experience is happening
It’s too late to argue with it
Because it’s happening

Better to take the time
To find out who or what is resisting
And what it might be like
To surrender the resister

The resister goes from thing to thing
Deciding what’s right or wrong
What’s allowed and not allowed
The resister is the arbiter of our reality
Making decisions about the world
About our experience
And what should be or shouldn’t be

Oh! the resister
The one who runs the show
But who are they?

Without investigation
They are the hidden tyrant of our lives
Developed over countless years
Through hardship, difficulty,
And aggrandizement
The resister is the one we must meet
In the open field of love

They will fight, scream, justify
Freak you out and threaten
The end of your world

Still you must surrender the resister
It will be your liberation

(I don’t mind what happens – Krishnamurti)

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Face Yourself

Don’t hide any longer
Face it, whatever it is
Whatever has been un-faced,
Avoided, swept under the rug
It’s there anyway, inside
Nagging away
Trying to get attention
Face it, not with hostility
Or with resentment or resignation
But with openness
With an open mind
And an open heart
Be open to facing, hearing,
Feeling, letting it in

Let it all in
And, by being open and not
Trying to solve it or fight it
It more easily flows through
Into love

Give it freedom
Give yourself the freedom
You deserve
Only you can do that
No one can give it to you
And that freedom
Is the freedom
To face it all
Whatever has been hidden
Denied, explained, locked away
Whatever is still unexplored

You are built to voyage
And the inner journey
Is the most arduous one
But there are strengths unknown
Within each of us
And only when we meet ourselves
Do we really find out who we are
And what we are capable of

Face it.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

You Are The One You Seek

This heart of ours
Is a mysterious thing
Intrinsically connected
To mind and feeling
We say ‘it breaks,’
But it doesn’t really break
We say ‘it opens,’
But it doesn’t really open
We might say we are ‘heavy of heart,’
But the heart is not really heavier

The mysterious heart of us
Holds secrets of life
For us to unlock
It holds the truth of us
Our pain, sorrow, and joy
It holds that which we deny
And turn away from

For many, it is an unexplored cave,
With jewels undiscovered
This most holy of places
Thrives on truth and beauty
Because it only wants to love

Friend, feed your heart,
Not just your mind
Water it daily with poetry
With music and creative abandon
Ignite the flame you long for
Dance, sing, shake it all out
We live in these walls
And they suffocate us

We were born for mystery
We are adventurers
And the most glorious adventure
Is into your own heart.

Image by Thanks for your Like on Pixabay

The Stillness Within

Staying open while all around
Fall into closure and reactivity
Is like being the eye in the storm
Or the peace in the deepest ocean
While the waves thrash around

Like the zen master
Who sits silently
Even as his own thoughts
Live and then die

If we can find that stillness within
Not through force but surrender
Nothing much will bother us again
And that is a boon to this high drama world

The world will not stop its movement
But we have the capacity
To offer it our stillness.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

The Maturation of the Human

At some point the grape
Must turn to wine
As the caterpillar
Becomes butterfly

It is our destiny to mature
Yet so many only wither
Still on the vine

The maturation is a transformation
A gathering of what we have become
A recognition of old wounds and hurts
And letting them all go
The path of maturity is simple
To just be here in our fullness
Embracing but not dramatizing
That which has hurt us so much

Our uniqueness shines more
When we grow into ourselves
It has nothing to do with what we own
Or what we do
And has everything to do
With how we show up to meet life

If we carry our grievances
Like heavy bags
Our whole lives
What treasures we miss!

We are here for freedom
To be freedom in form
Freedom is being untethered
From the shackles
That have bound us

Maturation into our true selves
Is not spiritual, it’s natural.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

The Radiance of the Inner World

Beauty, the true kind of beauty,
That might be called the radiance
Of the inner world
May be glimpsed unexpectedly
But, like the chase for awakening,
It is elusive and will not return through will
Yet it is not hiding, we are

But beauty may be courted
And nurtured with deliberate intent
Through surrender of willfulness
Through opening the heart even in hell
Through celebrating even in the wreckage
Through deciding to see goodness
Not in an offhand superficial way
But really seeing if goodness is there
Behind all this conflict

The ego is a mask
Hiding the true face of beauty
That beauty may be vulnerable, tender,
Or fierce and wild
It is the soul calling out
It might even be the soul of the world itself
Calling out to us, remember me, don’t forget me

When I learned that beauty was hiding
Inside me, like a secret intelligence,
I went in search of it
And in the process became a true lover of love.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

On Our Knees We Are True

Those who are prepared to be humbled
Are shown the beauty of grace
And the power of love

While those who uphold themselves
With bombast, and cling to being right
At any and all cost
Will never know beauty or tenderness
By clutching so tightly at self righteousness
They are already in a self created hell

The meek, the humble and the true
The lover, the open hearted and the kind
Never really left eden
And they tend the garden with their tears
And with their joy
Hoping one day their lost brothers and sisters
Will return to their true nature.

There is a secret doorway to freedom
Called humility.

This is not religious.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay