Hopeful or Hopeless

I am neither full of hope
Nor am I filled with hopelessness
This poetry, these words of love,
Are rooted in themselves
Not offered to you
In the hope of salvation or a new world
Or the desperation of hopelessness
I do not swing between these two poles
I am for beauty
And love’s openness
Here and now, in this moment
Let the future take care of itself
I am here with the present
Too busy dancing and singing
Crying and grieving
Too filled with this wonder
To be lost in hope or hopelessness.

Image by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay

Love’s Mirage

To the open one
The one who has torn off the veil
And now meets life
As openness and acceptance
To that one who has put down
All strategies of defensiveness
And lives from expanded heart

The whole of life as it appears
Is a mirage, an illusion,
Albeit a very convincing one,
Concealing love itself
Behind all form is love
And form is actually
The manifestation of love

But oh how we are beguiled by appearances!
And readily we forget love’s truth
And create this conditional exchange
Scrubbed up and sold as love
But yet a distant and forlorn cousin

I say you must dismantle false love
You must dissolve the mirage of the conditional
Undo all that has been wrongly done up
See clearly behind all this trickery
Into the true heart

There, behind the false face
Is the true one radiating brilliant beauty
Unconditional acceptance
And bewildering wisdom.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

The Divine Invitation TO OPENNESS

The Divine shows up
Every day, every hour, every minute
Always with the same invitation
To surrender the righteous ego self
And to fall into love’s openness

In our fear, arrogance and ignorance
We turn away, again and again,
Until we get so tired of fighting
We either become sick or desolate

Or we make a decision
We decide to show up for the
Divine invitation
And we do that over and over again
Because the righteous one
Has ruled over us for many years
And relinquishes power begrudgingly

But that is the warrior’s task
To meet oneself resolutely, softly,
Diligently, purposefully, lovingly
Until the right relationship with self
Has been restored

There is an art and method
To living as openness
It doesn’t just happen by accident
Like all art it takes practice
And application.

The Future Is Unknown

Here in the desert
The culmination of a long journey
Driven by longing
Held by grace
Walking an unknown path
Through hardship and darkness
Challenge and demand
Pulled by inevitability and fate
Some paths are mysterious
And beseech us to surrender everything

And thus we arrived
Far away from England’s shores
In the high desert of Santa Fe
It means holy faith
And maybe that’s why we’re here

New Mexico enchantment
Big sky with jewel stars
Adobe softness and shimmering light
Drew us from the moment we set foot here

I never expected to leave England’s gravity
I found it hard to get outside London
And I wasn’t one of life’s travelers
But something happened on the way to safety
And I got pulled into the unknown
By my beloved
Who wanted more
Who longed for adventure and destiny

Thus we set sail into the void
And here we are
The Enchanted Land
Hot, dry, mysterious, old, artistic,
Quixotic, quirky and familiar
There is something alive in the ground here
In the sky and in the air

Never imagine you know what’s up ahead
You don’t
And if there is something, or somewhere,
Calling you, serve that voice,
It may have your destiny written into it.

Testify For Love

I am done with all this flapping on the surface
If you can’t meet me in the deepest
Please don’t meet me at all
It hurts too much
To see you struggling to breathe
While you flap around
With this preoccupation of self

Please, meet me in the deepest,
It will nourish you and feed you
Yes, at first it might hurt
And bring up fears and regrets
Even shame and grief
But you will be alive
Really feeling something
And not lost in the denial of the waves
Come on, let’s go!

This is the time for truth tellers
To rise up and take a stand for love
Join us, and be done with all this surface living,
I know you can do it
You just need the willingness and the desire
The courage and the opportunity

This is it, now, today, here in this moment
Become open, become tender, reveal yourself
Take the stand, testify for love
It’s all we really have
To testify or not.

Photo by Julentto Photography on Unsplash

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Awakening – Big Bang or Soft Opening?

You might think that awakening
Is like the big bang
Lots of fireworks and trumpets
A complete explosion of consciousness
As total realization yanks you
Into a new and astonishing reality

But what really happens
Is an exquisite softening
And peaceful stillness
Where all hard edges of separation
Dissolve effortlessly
No fireworks
No trumpets
No explosion
Just soft and open presence
That some may call love
But we call openness.

Image by DreamyArt from Pixabay