When the wave falls back into the ocean
What relief it feels

For a moment it had imagined
It was alone and separate
Looking out at all the other separate waves
And it was scared

But that was just a dream
And now what relief it feels
To know itself as wholeness and unity

And, when it looks out at all the other waves,
It sees the truth of them
That nothing can be separate
It can only imagine itself that way

The imagination tells stories
It is very good at that.

Image by PIRO from Pixabay


Hi, Here is a short selection of poems and insights, most of them appeared on Twitter this week:

There are jewels
Of illumination
In the darkness
To discover them
You must journey
Into the dark places within
When you stumble upon
Those jewels
Your surroundings
Will no longer be dark
And your inner eye
Will open to the beauty
And truth

You are searching for.

Many gardens lie barren
Deserted and overrun
With weeds and garbage
Self neglect is an effect
Of trauma and bad conditioning
Yet there is a way back

Know this inner garden
Tend to it, love it
Plant beautiful flowers
And water them daily
Watch it grow
No garden is dead.

To journey far enough inside
That you find equanimity
As a place to live from

And to bring that equanimity
Back to the surface world
And offer to the surface dwellers
So deceived by the pull to judgment

Is a blessing to yourself
And to that divided world.

Be above no-one
And below no-one

Ego lives on comparison
Above or below
Better or worse
Good or bad

Be above no-one
And below no-one

Simply be
Stop feeding the hungry ghost.

Offer others your presence
And your openness
Not your opinion.

Become unshakeable
Not just sometimes
When things are good
But always

Rest so deeply
In the silence of being

That this unshakability
Is an entirely natural occurrence.

The cultural you must die
If you are to truly know yourself

The cultural you
Is the imagined self
Built of conditioning

And ultimately
Is but a shadow
Of the light of who
And what you are.

I will stop there. There are scores of them!
Thank you for reading. Be well.

Santa Fe. We live here.


We sat silently on the beach
Absorbed in the oceanic
Watching the waves roll in and roll out

And oh
I saw how those waves
Are like the very breath of life
I saw life itself being breathed
The universe as a breath in and a breath out

The divine breath
All of us
One thing
No separation

Form is the breath of God.

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay


It’s imperfect, always
It never meets our expectations, our hopes, our dreams
It confounds us, confronts us, terrifies us
It gets under our skin
It renders us helpless and full of fear
We run from it
As far as possible
Another country, another life
We hide in our addictions
In our relationships
We try and bury our resistance
We deny it, denounce it
We try and rationalize it, negotiate with it
We even spiritualize it

And finally, with grace
After years of exhaustion

We accept it as it is
And it becomes perfect.

Image from Pixabay


Old stuck past anger
Creates grievances
In the present

Turned outward
It creates war with the world

Turned inward
It creates war with the self

Ultimately it’s a destructive energy
That begs us to see it, know it, feel it
So it no longer lurks in the shadows
This transforms anger into authority
And creative expression

And it gives us our voice back.

Image by Giacomo Zanni from Pixabay