Declare Your Truth

If you believe in love
Be it, be that loving one
Shower the world with love
If compassion is your thing
Live it, not when it’s convenient, but always
If kindness is your rock,
Practice enduring kindness
Even in the storm
What’s to lose?
Go beyond yourself
Stretch your limits

The more we embrace that which we value
The more of it enters our own hearts
And the world

The time of holding back is over
Now is demanding our fullness
And our willingness to stand for goodness
If that is what is true.

Image by ATDSPHOTO from Pixabay

More Free Than Family

You are a river
Searching for the vast ocean
You imagine you came from your mother
But really you came through her
And you came from
The same vast ocean
You search for

Don’t allow family to completely own your life
Our parents are the conduit
As we are the conduit for those
We give passage to
There is great honor and joy in this
And we have reason to be grateful

But we are more vast than family
And more free than family allows

Remember this.

Image by Alex Hu from Pixabay

You Are The One You Seek

This heart of ours
Is a mysterious thing
Intrinsically connected
To mind and feeling
We say ‘it breaks,’
But it doesn’t really break
We say ‘it opens,’
But it doesn’t really open
We might say we are ‘heavy of heart,’
But the heart is not really heavier

The mysterious heart of us
Holds secrets of life
For us to unlock
It holds the truth of us
Our pain, sorrow, and joy
It holds that which we deny
And turn away from

For many, it is an unexplored cave,
With jewels undiscovered
This most holy of places
Thrives on truth and beauty
Because it only wants to love

Friend, feed your heart,
Not just your mind
Water it daily with poetry
With music and creative abandon
Ignite the flame you long for
Dance, sing, shake it all out
We live in these walls
And they suffocate us

We were born for mystery
We are adventurers
And the most glorious adventure
Is into your own heart.

Image by Thanks for your Like on Pixabay

The World is Your True Lover

There is only one relationship happening
One intimate dance throughout our brief stay
Beyond all the coming and going
Of individual players

Our love affair with existence itself
That ongoing push pull between us and the world
We hate it, we love it, we project onto it
We feel rejected by it, misunderstood by it,
We may even leave it
It’s as though our life was our beloved
And we can’t see that, so bedazzled are we
By the details

It’s easy to be confused by life
We seem to suddenly appear, open and vulnerable,
And, within the space of a few short years,
We are told the story of the world
And who to be, name and identity handed to us,
And we live in that way until we exit,
None the wiser, maybe a good player,
But not wise or knowing

Maybe the world itself is your true lover
And everyone who arrives
Are actors and mirrors,
Representatives of the divine
Sent from beyond
To tease us, to test us, to beg us
To challenge us

Because if the world is your true lover
Then the only way is love
And we must love the world
No matter what
No matter how it appears
No matter how broken or beaten
No matter how distressed or angry
To do this is to allow everything to come home.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Radiance of the Inner World

Beauty, the true kind of beauty,
That might be called the radiance
Of the inner world
May be glimpsed unexpectedly
But, like the chase for awakening,
It is elusive and will not return through will
Yet it is not hiding, we are

But beauty may be courted
And nurtured with deliberate intent
Through surrender of willfulness
Through opening the heart even in hell
Through celebrating even in the wreckage
Through deciding to see goodness
Not in an offhand superficial way
But really seeing if goodness is there
Behind all this conflict

The ego is a mask
Hiding the true face of beauty
That beauty may be vulnerable, tender,
Or fierce and wild
It is the soul calling out
It might even be the soul of the world itself
Calling out to us, remember me, don’t forget me

When I learned that beauty was hiding
Inside me, like a secret intelligence,
I went in search of it
And in the process became a true lover of love.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Conscious Kindness

There is a power in kindness
An overlooked and disregarded power
The power to open up parts of ourselves
Neglected and cast out over the years

Kindness, tenderness and openness,
You can’t embrace these deep qualities
Without them having an impact on your life
And on those around you

As John O,Donohue said,
To be created and come to birth is to be blessed.
Some primal kindness chose us and brought us
through the forest of dreaming until we could emerge
into the clearance of individuality,
with a path of life opening before us through the world.”

Kindness to ourselves connects us
To our innocence
And to the innocence of all life
It precedes all the hardness we learn
All the survival strategies
And defensive layers we must build
Just to be here

And the path of conscious kindness
Opens the door to a place
We may not have been for many many years
But kindness does not happen by accident
It is a choice, a choice made over and over,
A choice made even when the righteous ego screams
A choice made even when the victim voice says no
A choice made even when the world tells you, you are wrong
A choice, a path, a new relationship
A path itself walked with kindness, nothing harsh remaining
Until kindness becomes blood and bones, every fibre of being.

Image by jools_sh from Pixabay