A Cellular Calling to Love

Deep in the consciousness
Of the cellular body
Part of you still exists
You could call it the past
But it’s not really the past
It is here, now, in the cellular body
Intricately bound up with mind
Woven into the nervous system
It speaks to you in triggers and self talk
Asking to be released
And begging to come home
To fullness and love

What could not be processed then
What could not be met then
What was too much then
What was violation then
What was traumatic then

Is here now to be released
And allowed to become free

The good news is that allowing it all
Even though it brings grief and anger
Tears and old fears
The cleansing it brings
Revitalizes the entire system
And brings the whole of you online
As an integrated being.

This is love.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Reclaimed Innocence

When I sit with you
And you show me your self
You reveal the pain and darkness
And all the times your innocence
Was closed down in fear

I see you
I see inside you
I see that which is not broken
I know you want to fix yourself
Because it hurts
But there is nothing to fix
Because you are not broken
Just wounded

I see your vulnerability
And sadness
Your anger and doubt
But there! In all that
I see your beauty
Still there, hiding, waiting

I see your innocence
Not gone, just waiting
Silently in the shadows
For the moment it can return
Surely it will return upon death
But there is a way
To allow innocence back, now

Innocence is the heart
It is like the sun
It can’t break
It can be hidden by dark clouds
That last a lifetime

Open all your doors
The ones you have kept closed
For protection all these years
You no longer need them
You are stronger than you know
And your strength
Is your openness
Your tenderness
And your reclaimed innocence.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

One Big Invitation To LOVE

All I saw
The whole of life
With all it’s challenges
All its suffering and sorrow
And despite the mind screaming NO!
All I saw
Was one big invitation
To love deeper and deeper
Even as death’s veil
Cast itself around everything
All I could see was some natural intelligence
Vast and eternal, whole and indivisible
Inviting each individuation to remember love
Ever deeper, ever deeper
Sometimes I can’t believe what I have seen
But there it is, always
The same invitation
Love is the only reality.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Back to Love

Each time I fall into a dark hole
I come back to love
When the tyrants of fear
Bang on my door in the night
I come back to love
Even when the whole world
Seems doomed
I come back to love
When I fail, or fall, or miss the mark
I come back to love
When the righteous ghost within
Tells me it’s all wrong
And it really shouldn’t be like this
I come back to love

This love I come back to
Is a refuge not a hiding place
It’s a place where everything is allowed
All the dark thoughts
And terrible feelings
Where fear is not rejected
And failure is accepted
This love says
I open even to this
For love is the deepest acceptance
Of what is.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

The Reservoir of Grief

Those who do not know
The field of love
At the root of all things
Are suffering greatly
Which is why they create
Torment and argument

There is a grief we all carry
Disowned and denied
It destroys the whole village

Those who can embrace
The full weight of grief
And let it flow into the world
Allow the flowers of joy
To grow in the fertile soil

Control has never been the answer
We live in the unravelling
The days when the old ways are failing
And we must embrace that which has been denied

Everything wants to come home
And the reservoir of grief is overflowing.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

The Poetry of Immanence

We look for the divine
As though it were something outside us
We search for love
As though it’s something we are not
Somehow the process of arrival here
And the influence of those around us
Convinces us we are separate from
Those essential qualities

But they are us!
We are them!

We are so deluded
And forgetful
We spend our lives searching for what we are
And then, in the last gasp of being human,
There will be a moment of remembrance,
Oh! How could I have forgotten…

Remember now
You are the divine, you are love,
Stop looking for it somewhere
You are it my beautiful friend.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

My Marketing Strategy Is Love

‘Don’t over deliver,’ They said,
‘Hold some of your poetry back,
Develop a marketing strategy,’ They continued
‘Get more likes, build your brand,’ It went on.

‘Fuck you all,’ I replied
‘Give everyone everything
Hold nothing back,’ I shouted
‘Offer the totality of yourself
Without any regard
For what comes back.’

This is my strategy
Over deliver love
Flow it out and through
Rain it down and shower it
Upon whoever’s head it touches
I couldn’t care less about business
Unless it’s the business of love.