When the hard men
Turn towards tenderness
Because they know
That’s what they really want

And the violence
Born of vulnerability
Is seen as futile
And only begets
More violence

When the rich and powerful
Declare war
And no one shows up

When kindness and compassion
Are seen as the highest
Of human qualities

We will know peace
And our communities
Will begin to love each other.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Return To Love’s Simplicity

How does anyone survive without love
What terrible state must they be in
Bereft, separated, angry, abandoned, alone
We who are born to know love
Walk the earth disconnected from it
It is no wonder we fight amongst ourselves
And search in form, in money, in fame
Searching endlessly for what it is we lack
But our inflatable ego has got the reins
And hijacked the search
And now dictates the terms of our freedom
And demeans love, relegates it and cheapens it
Our righteous ego drives the collective bus
And we head inexorably to the wall
We are a car crash in motion
With collective ego gleefully and righteously
Emboldened and ignorantly
Clutching the wheel
Oh! foolish humanity
Born to know love’s simplicity
Lost in the complexity of ego
Ignorant of the wisdom of the heart
I can only hope that from the wreckage
We will remember what is important
And return to love’s simplicity.

Image by Michael Treu from Pixabay

The Noble Broken

What I am really saying
Is that if life hasn’t broken you open yet
There is still some way to go
But that brokenness itself is not the end
There is a way of holding it
That has a nobility ingrained in it
A strength of character
Where nothing is denied
And everything is allowed to come home
There is a great transparency
In standing naked with dignity intact
When all attempts to wear a mask
Have come to an end
And only the raw broken beautiful you remains
Let us be the noble broken.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

When The Darkness Rises

In the time of Jesus
It was grim
In the time of Rumi
It was pretty tough
Civilization is marked
With centuries of conflict
And horrors unimaginable

No teacher, poet, or wisdom holder
No warrior, guru, or prophet
No holder of what is sacred
Waited for the time of joy
The golden age
To step into their truth
You don’t get to pick the time
The time picks you

If the politics insult you
And threatens to drag us into darkness
Become a love and truth warrior
Rise up into power
And let the politicians and power hungry
Do what they do
You are not defined, nor limited, by them

No teacher, warrior or poet
Waited until a labor government
Or the democratic progressives
Were in power
Before they spoke truth

We cannot wait
You and I cannot wait
For the conditions to be right
Because the conditions are always right.

Image by Yatheesh Gowda from Pixabay

What Really Matters is Love

We have such a tendency
To get lost in things
That really don’t matter
Except in that precious moment
We get triggered easily
And we get lost, say things we might not mean
Do things we might regret
And we forget what really matters

Ego screams ‘I am what really matters,
I must be right, or wrong, or powerful
I must get what I want beyond anything else.’

But that’s just a petulant child
Having a tantrum

What really matters is found in the deepest
Love’s true and authentic expression and connection
Love is what really matters
And not just a co-dependent kind of love
Not the love that barters with life
But one that is inherently giving not taking
There is an extraordinary power in love
When it is not held in self ownership
The true heroes and heroines of humanity
Are not the conquerers or the kings
But those that have stood up in love
Those that have spread love’s fire
No matter what risk or ridicule

There is world changing power in love
But first we must decide
What really matters.

Image by Daria Głodowska from Pixabay

A Simple Choice, A Lasting Fragrance

No one is better equipped
Or has greater knowledge or power
Than you
To express love or truth
Don’t underestimate yourself

What you give to the world
Can never be erased
It is left as a fragrance
That others may catch
Upon the wind

So we get to choose
What fragrance we leave
Is it love or is it fear
Anger or resentment
Can we become whole
And live as wholeness
And healed-ness
And leave that as a fragrance
For surely we are all
Standing on the shoulders
Of those who came before us
And we are drawn to
Certain fragrances

We must choose wisely
This has nothing to do
With awakening or not
It is a simple choice
Each human being can make
And every saint, sinner and despot
Makes their choice

– Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay