The Human Treasure Within

What fragile creatures we are
Wounded and troubled
Confused and tormented

But oh! what exquisite wonders
Are we made of
Filled with treasure
We may never find
We hide from our own light

Why do we do that
What game do we play

Lost in the temporary
Bedazzled by the shiny things
Distracted from truth
We spend our time
Inflicting our projections
On others
Who inflict theirs upon us
We fight with our own kind
For pride and greed and land

And we pray to gods
Of our imagination

And yet, deep beneath the waves
We are stardust beauty
Walking miracles of light
Love incarnate
Capable of extraordinary feats
Capable of unconditional love

What wonders we are
When we let our light shine.

Become a Lover

Fall in love again and again
Don’t worry about your heart breaking
Go deeper and deeper
Become a lover of what is
Don’t be stingy with love
It is pouring in from the vast
A never ending supply

Don’t be meagre with love
A little bit here
And a little bit there
No, be generous
Over deliver
Allow love’s bounty
To burst into this world
Be the faucet through which
Love’s healing water flows

Fall in love
Be in love
Be love
Don’t wait for love
To happen to you
Love is waiting for you!
Be utterly and totally available
For love
Say ‘YES I am here,
What would you have me do?’

And love will find you
And point you
And invite you, challenge you
And caress you

Fall in love, again and again
There is only the beloved
You are that, I am that
We are that
All faces of the beloved
Shining out with our eyes
Love looking for itself

The Art of Being

All this conditioning
This mental slavery
With its righteous beliefs
And rigid opinions
Obscures the natural light within
From pouring forth into the world

In this rather sorry state
Everything about us is functional
And almost robotic
There is no art of being
No inner beauty or radiance

A great sadness must arise
An inner intuition, a hunch,
That there is something more
It doesn’t matter what you call it

But it sets off a cascade
A movement from within
And an unravelling of the knots
That bind us to ourselves
A cleansing of the psyche
A great detoxification

Oh! this is the beauty of it all
The gradual unfolding of the wings
The waking up of the sleeping one
Don’t be in such a hurry
To get to the destination
There is no destination
Only mystery and falling
Into the unknown

This is the art of being.

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

Stop Imagining You Are Separate

Sometimes just take a moment

And try and view the harshness of life

As a doorway through which

You can see the divine

It might be almost impossible to do this

Through the rigid beliefs

And the broken heart

But even the trying itself,

When done with sincerity,

Is the grace you seek

It is not outside us

It IS us

Stop imagining you are separate

From everything.

The Vastness Within

There is a vastness within us
Beyond the small clutching self
When we discover it
It lights up our lives forever
Even when we seem to lose it
Still we know it is there
And we seek it and search for it
Knowing there is more to life
Than we could have imagined

Some stumble upon this vastness
By accident, an epiphany, an awakening
Others, through gradual erosion of the rock of self,
Arrive at an inner cathedral

None of this matters
The how does not matter
There is no one way to arrive
What matters is only our ability
To establish ourselves
In this new home
And to live from it
Not as a dry philosophy
But as a lived reality
A living, breathing vibration
That pours forth into others
Touching and transforming
Everything it meets

Serve that vastness my friend
Until the vastness serves you.

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Flawed and Perfect

These flaws, these wounds and burdens
That we carry with such heaviness over the years
These patterns woven into us by the past
The ones we seek to rid ourselves of
So we can enjoy the freedom of no pain

Will never leave us
I’m sorry to tell you

You cannot get rid of these twists and turns
Anymore than the tree can get rid of its
Woody individuality
The tree grows the way it grows
Bent, beaten, flexible
Always reaching for the light

What you consider flaws and defects
Are your pattern
What makes you, you,
Individual and beautiful
Unique and exquisite

The real trick with the past
Is to accept it
But not be defined by it
Be more free than the past
Be flawed and perfect
Get rid of nothing
Embrace your uniqueness
Find what is unbroken in the broken

This striving for perfection
By removing that which makes us unique
Is an error of judgement
An understandable error of judgement

For the truth is we cannot bear our pain
Or the pain of the world
Suffering is our deepest wound
But when suffering is denied or avoided
It only increases in hidden and terrible ways

I turned towards suffering
My own and the worlds
I opened my arms wide
And said, ‘Yes, come here, I will love you,’
And it changed everything

Turn away no more,
But stop and turn towards what hurts
It is the only way for a warrior.

Meet the World Empty and Naked

Meet the world empty and naked
Give up your stories, they are prisons,
Meet the world as the silence you truly are

When you do this
Divine intelligence will offer you its gifts
And its grace
It will pour into the silence in you
And fill it with wisdom and beauty
Truth and compassion

You will become empty and full
The holder of life’s paradox
The embodiment of the universe

All you have to do is become naked
And offer that to the world.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash