The Courage to Empty the Cup

Some try and leave their
Spiritual development
To chance
Hoping grace may fall upon them
And indeed, grace may do that

But those who, while they are waiting,
Have the courage to face themselves
In the naked truth
To meet with openness and care
Their own vulnerability
And regret, sorrow and anger
To make a decision
To hold the line
For their own accountability

They are doing the work
Of clearing out the debris of self
Accumulated over decades
Of misunderstanding and erroneous beliefs

In this way they are becoming empty
And grace is more likely
To fill an empty cup

There is no room when the cup is already full.

Image by Sylvia Michel from Pixabay

Enter This Moment Empty

What does this moment have to teach us
We who are so full of ourselves
Who arrive everywhere filled to the brim
The moment can only teach those who are empty

If we are full where is the room for anything new?

The wisdom and intelligence of this moment
Cannot compete with the fullness of self
It’s a different kind of intelligence
It can only be heard from emptiness

And so to really hear, to really be able
To receive the deepest wisdom this moment
Has to offer us, in its vastness and eternal depth
We must enter this moment naked and empty

The moment has everything to teach us
But our task must be the seemingly arduous one
Of emptying and not filling up again.

Image by Gidon Pico from Pixabay

I Know Who You Are, And That Is Why I Love You

My love for you
Is not for your personality
For that is simply a mask
You learned to wear
An attempt to fit in
And blend into the crowd
We all have one
And some of them are sweet
And some of them are sour

No, my love for you
Is deeper than all that
My love is for your broken open heart
Your soul that longs to sing
Your essence that yearns to dance
And cry and grieve with joyous truth
It is for your innocence
That still lives
Despite the mask and the cover up
And the games and the hurt

My love for you is true
And I don’t need anything in return
Your own remembering is enough
And your remembering is mine
That which is the deepest in you
Is the same as that which is in me

I want your liberation
But I love you anyway
For I know who you are
Beneath the layers
And beyond the mask.

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay

Reclaim Your True Self

How much of yourself
Have you given away so far
How much has been stolen
With or without your permission
How much authority
Has leaked away over the years
How much innocence
And natural gut wisdom
Has been compromised

Some folks leak their whole lives
Never able to repair the cracks
Not willing to revisit pain and anger
So there they stay, trapped,
Depressed, resentful, sad

But there is a way to restore ourselves
Though the path may be arduous
It is interspersed with great epiphany
Though it may be painful
Revisiting old wounds
It is joyous to discover oneself again
It is like waking up from a slumber

Of course there is the sorrow
That comes with seeing all the wounded places
But better the sorrow that comes with joy
Than the sorrow that comes without

Reclaim yourself
Reclaim the inner you
Reclaim innocence and joy
Reclaim true authority
And give no more away
Either to your imagination
Or to other people
This is the calling
It’s not spiritual
It’s human.

Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

The Curious Game of Duality

Everyone is connected to everything
Yet each one feels entirely separate
What madness does duality bring
To deceive us so convincingly
It is an unfathomable mystery
That horrifies and delights
As though a curious game were being played
And when you realize the truth
The game is over
And true living begins
Not two but one.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

When Realization Dawns

We imagine we are all alone
Marooned in a hostile reality
When the realization dawns
That this is an erroneous thought
Of an unexamined mind
The ripples of laughter, tears and relief
That resound throughout the universe
Create a wave that others feel in their bones
I call that love.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Become the Open Sky

In this temporal life
Is it possible
To be so like the sky
And just allow all the clouds
Everything kind of weather
To come, do its thing, and then go
Without grasping at the cloudless days
Or the calm days, or the blissful days

There is a way
Indeed, we must pursue this way,
Or else be swallowed up and dominated
By the weather

But to become the open sky
Means to let go of all attachment
That the clouds bring
I don’t mean to become cold and uncaring
But to become so wide, so free and open,
That everything can just arrive, do its thing, and then go

I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t say it’s easy
I don’t say it’s an absolute space
And I advise caution to believe gurus or teachers
When they proclaim they have fully arrived there

To open like the sky is a new relationship
It requires vigilance and tenderness
Effort and no effort
Insight and resolve

We are breaking the habits and conditioning of a lifetime
It takes courage and forgiveness
And a warriors patience.

Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay