The Heart Must Open

I woke up this morning
And wanted to write
Something clever and wise
Some great insight
That would strike a chord
In the mind of the one
Who read it

But all I can think about is the heart
And how much love we actually need
And how little of it many of us get
And those thoughts spiraled me downwards
Into the ocean of a kind of grief
Not a sad place
But a true place
A place of love rediscovered
And brought to the parched world

What use is all this
If love is not at the heart of it all
What purpose this life
That we share with others
If love, true love, authentic love,
Is not there, on the table,
Easily seen and openly felt

Have we created a machine-like world
Where love is commodity
A transaction, a thing?

If I have discovered anything
On this long journey of transformation
It is love, pure, honest, simple, open
Real, powerful, compassionate, humble,
Radical, wild, ruthless love
Is the only thing that really matters
And we must do everything we can
To rediscover that love
Lest we wither and perish.

Photo by cyrus gomez on Unsplash

The Path of Non Judgement

To be non reactive
In a world of triggers
Is to be free
Of the shackles
That tie us down
And clip our wings

To be non reactive
Is to have no more charge
In the body mind system
No vestige of the past
Playing itself out
In the present

To be non reactive
Is to bring freedom
To not only yourself
But everyone around you

You don’t have to be awakened
To become non reactive
But you do have to be willing
To die each time
The reactive mechanism kicks in
This is the most challenging thing
And the most rewarding
Because it leads to peace

Non reactivity is ZEN
When non reactivity is reached
Choice can truly happen
Until then there is a part of us
That is pavlovian
Stuck in trigger and response
Like an animal

No…make a choice
Again and again
To meet the world
To meet your own thoughts
With equanimity
And non judgment
This is the true path
And the hardest
And the one that brings freedom.

Image by mikegi from Pixabay


The Resolution of Ancestral Wounds.

Each of us, on a certain level,
Is the result of an ancestral wave
Part of a chain that goes back
Into the darkness of history
Our ancestry was wounded
Traumatized, and rooted in survival needs
Our very DNA, our nervous systems,
Carry this memory imprint
And we inherit many ancestral wounds and traits
And, as our own lives are wounded and traumatized,
We cannot see any difference between who we are
And what we inherit
And it all becomes part of the same unconscious
Bag of stuff we pass on generation after generation
This ancestral karma, the passing on of trauma,
Can only function in unconsciousness
And the seeking of awakening
In this world, by so many people,
Is actually the seeking of resolution
Of ancestral wounds

Awakening is the resolution
Of the emotional and inherited
Personal beliefs and ancestral trauma
We learn to make our own

It is the restoration to a kind of innocence
That is inherent to all humans
Not a special accolade of the few chosen ones

A mass awakening is the momentum happening
And all this confusion in our world
Is the unravelling of the ancestral wounds
Traumas and false beliefs
That has driven humanity for centuries

It’s time for HUMANITY 2.01.

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

Now Is The Time For Love

As the world creaks and groans
Under the weight of all this suffering
As things appear to be collapsing
And the haters have crawled out
And scream their madness

Now is the time for love

As the sword of damocles
Draws ever closer to us
And crisis lurks around every corner
And the despots and petty tyrants
Wield their miserable power
Over the unconscious masses

Now is the time for love

Now is the time
For the kind of love
That rises up
And stands for goodness
Like a protective mother
This is Kali time
A kind of us and them
Where the only them is fear
And hatred and intolerance

Now is the time for love

Not in some innocuous
Love and light way
But as a line in the sand
Beyond which hate will not go
Love is a fire
There is a strength and power love has
That can shrivel
The contortions of what is false

Love stands for the truth of things
It always has
Centuries have passed
And love has remained the same
And there have been those
Who carried the torch
And passed it on
To us
And now it is our turn

When love dies,
We die
And I don’t mean personal love
I mean love as the light of truth
Love as the fragrance of all that is good
Love as the essence of who we are

And now is the time for that love
In you, in me, at all times
Everywhere we go
Carried into all transactions
Not selective love

But love as authentic relationship with everyone.

Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

unleash your compassion

do not turn away from the world

because it seems so cruel and heartless

or because it will overwhelm you with sadness

don’t close your aching heart

to that which needs you

you are not here for yourself alone

you are here to serve love

by becoming it

and loving even that which seems unloveable

wait no longer

but unleash your compassionate heart

it will change you forever

and heal your world.

A Real Human Being

If your measure is strong
And you stay present
Whether the wild wind blows
Or the sea storms its froth
If your vision is true
And your heart is noble

If you keep open
When all around you close
And stay humble
When you meet the righteous

If you get up when you fall
And understand
The falling and the rising
If you can see wholeness
In the midst of separation
And love in the face of fear

If you can be equanimous,
Gentle, compassionate and kind
Even as you enter battle

You have become
A real human being.

Photo by Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Life is Uncontrollable

At some point on the long journey
We have to face the facts
Life is uncontrollable
That one single truth
Sends terror into the ego self
Who finds it unacceptable
But there it is
No matter how we try and fix it
Over power it, rationalize it
Scream at it or deny it
It is still uncontrollable

Wisdom says
Knowing that and desiring freedom
I choose to try and accept
That my attempts are futile
And I can either carry that truth
With resignation
And stay stuck in the battle
Or carry that truth
With the deepest acceptance
And surrender it all
To the natural intelligence
Inside everything.